All Is As It Should Be

Today it is gloomy, very misty, cold with a slight drizzle. It has been this way more or less since I started working with Morana, Goddess of winter. The weather forecast shows this sort of weather – colder and snowy even going on for at least another week. I am tempted to believe that it is related to my activities as usually the weather is bright and sunny on most days in December here.

As I walked around the Castle this afternoon, I collected the final bits and pieces to make my Morana effigy tomorrow on the Solstice. I collected the main bits of wood from my tree – the one Perun marked. Other bits of wood and materials collected each day as I walked in the forest or around the Castle meditating silently on the goddess.

Today in particular I felt a closeness. Somehow, the leafless skeletal trees standing stark against a dull and gloomy misty sky evoked for me a sense of the goddess almost at her peak energies. Again, I feel as if I am slipping into some kind of embrace with her and nature. I am home. She is very close by as is the other side. To me though, this is an ancient view of the other side – hidden by a thin veil – a place where our ancestors exist. Not a hell. A world for the dead. I feel a calmness as well. Peace.

All is well. All is how it should be.

Give thanks. Have faith and confidence.

That is how I feel. You?

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