Effigies, Stars and Darkness

This morning in a small circle marked at the quarters with fire and water, I constructed my effigy of Morana. In doing so, I honored Slavic traditions going back centuries. I made her from materials collected since the new moon and the basic wood came from my tree – the one marked by Perun. She will now sit in my room until the Spring Equinox, when I will take her to a river to burn and drown. Sounds brutal doesn’t it?

Morana is at the height of her powers today at the winter solstice. As a bringer of disease and death, I was not surprised to read of a new and improved Corona virus in the UK. But I am also aware of a star shining brightly due to the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the same day, which portends hope just as the Bethlehem star did a couple of millennia ago. Unfortunately, for me, it is not visible due to cloud and mist but I’m certain its effects are felt. Jovial Jupiter and constricting Saturn both in Aquarius.

I continue my work with Morana now until the three winter moons are complete. I have found that if I approach her as winter she is has one aspect and as death she has yet another. The latter being significantly darker. I prefer her as the snow queen – Queen of winter – and see her majestically standing atop a mountain as the gales blow swirling snows around here. As the goddess of death, I glimpse congealed blood and rotting matter. A skeleton Queen with a snakelike aspect that varies between a tree creature and a true serpent. Honestly, I find neither to be scary – she just is what she is and I do not go too far with the latter version anyway. The parallels with both the annual solar cycle and also the concept of order from chaos and consciousness from unconsciousness also ring true. In the former, there is a cycle that is endless – at least from the perspective of my existence. In the latter, it is the duality of the One thing – the ying and the yang.

Here is a video that I found…… it covers the effigy aspects and more…

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