The New Normal

So here is what we can glean about today’s world.

  1. We use a test that should not be used to detect a virus to detect a virus. However, it doesn’t actually detect the virus at all. Just a fragment of RNA that may or may not come from a virus. This test uses a cycle to essentially boil the ocean looking for that fragment of RNA. Apparently, at over 35 cycles, it has a 97% false positive rate. Yet, most countries are cycling 40+ times.
  2. When sick people usually stay home. If they get really sick they call a doctor. These days, if you get sick you are encouraged to ‘test’ – see 1. above.
  3. The only way to resolve the situation is to be vaccinated apparently and according to the powers that be. Vaccinated with a vaccine that is experimental (and is under strict rules until 2023 when it will be deemed to no longer be experimental), based on an all new bio technology that could be the biggest breakthrough in medial science ever but…… it really hasn’t been tested in order to know for sure. Moreover, this vaccine doesn’t actually stop you from getting the virus, doesn’t stop you being infectious, might not work against new variants of the virus at all and, needs to be re-applied every 9 months or so. A license to make billions for the pharma companies involved. Don’t you think?
  4. Lockdowns are now viewed as not just normal but appropriate – well, that is unless you have a small business. The fact that lockdowns plainly do nothing but delay the inevitable – which is exactly what we were told they were supposed to do in the beginning remember? We now see no end in sight and this is simply the new normal. Yes, get vaccinated, wear a dirty rag over your mouth and stay home because actually, the vaccine isn’t the answer at all.

And we do this for what reason?

There is a virus that can make some people very ill indeed. We know which people it can make very sick. This virus probably isn’t going to go away. Just like the flu and the cold, humanity simply must learn to live with this virus. The survivability rate is up there in the 99%+ range – just like a virulent flu and much less than other diseases we can get. But, this magical virus has every symptom you can possibly imagine. You must be afraid – very afraid….. every time you start to relax and think the end in sight, a new symptom, a new vairiant is reported just to keep you at home, locked up with a rag over your mouth hoping for a vaccination that actually does nothing.


Had you told me life would have been like this in 2020, I would have thought you mad. But now. It’s the new normal.

Unless we wake up and ensure it isnt.

Your choice.

5 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. You are so kind to call it a rag. I call them muzzles. This is a wonderful experiment using fear as the fuel. I am happy I chose to live in the country where things are relatively normal by normal standards. I can’t imagine living in the city and dealing with this at every corner.

    I am baffled that people haven’t figured out this scam. Fear of death is a great motivator, but I have a higher chance of being struck by lightning than being killed by this flu. And I still go outside and admire a lightning storm.

    I confess. My greatest fear is not living life to the fullest. Not death. That’s inevitable. Living a full life is not.


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