Freedom to Choose

This post is wonderful. I agree with every single word. I read some of the comments – well meaning people with distorted views of reality based on pursuit of a utopia that doesn’t exist – not without a horrendous downside for everyone else anyway. Just ask anyone in the country I live – Czechia – they lived under utopian Soviet rule where friends reported friends to curry favor and buck the system, where people were sent to be ‘re-educated’ and many many more downright horrors. People have lost their ability to think critically absent emotion and fear…….. for humanity’s sake, I hope these people wake up and recover that ability before they wake up in their utopian hell.

Diana Tibert

This is not about writing; it’s about freedom. Freedom is what every human wants and deserves. Without freedom, we are slaves. Without freedom, we do not prosper. Without freedom, we do not have personal rights. I would give up everything for freedom.

Freedom is what my father, my grandfather and all veterans fought for in the great wars. Freedom is what our ancestors sought when they left countries where they were mere peasants under a monarch’s rule. Freedom is the ultimate goal in every society.

Fighting Against Freedom

There’s been horrible rumblings in society over the past ten months about taking away a person’s freedom to choose what goes into their body. I’m going to come right out and say this, and if you don’t like it, too bad.

This is my body. I decide what goes into it and what doesn’t. If you think otherwise and try to go…

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