Happy New Year

I will say Happy New Year to all and sundry despite thinking the New Year a very weird day. It is just another day after all – nothing special. Yet because it is the end of the calendar, people give it status. They then go out and celebrate wildly ensuring that their start to said New Year is slow and possibly hungover. Huh?

Happy New Year.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I was thinking about staying up to midnight to see it arrive, but then I’d be tired and sleep in. That’s not how I want to start the year. Happy New Year. And as today is Thursday, Happy Thursday.


  2. I went to bed at my usual time but woke up at midnight, hearing the fireworks from somewhere or another. I am up at 4 am New Year’s Day, with no hangover. Hangovers are a thing of the past. I remember my first New Year’s Day without a hangover, thirty years ago. I resolved that I would ALWAYS wake up on New Year’s Day without a hangover.


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