When Lies Are Rewarded

Please take a minute or two to watch this. This is what drives me on on this and other topics. That no matter who makes dire alarmist predictions and no matter how wrong and how many times they are wrong, these people get promoted and celebrated. The question to ask is why? Why is in competence and fear mongering celebrated and rewarded?Could it be that humans have some deep need to be afraid?

2 thoughts on “When Lies Are Rewarded

  1. This reminds me of the “We are warming twice as fast as… (fill in the blank).” lie. I’ve seen the group of headlines from major newspapers around the world many times. I just found it again on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChrisMartzWX/status/1245770892904366080/photo/1

    A Liberal MP in Canada said it best (caught on tape one night at a pub): If you tell a lie loud enough and enough times, people will believe it.

    Or something like that. Oh, wait. I found it on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab_RHs562DQ

    She says this and people still vote for her. Honestly, people get what they deserve.

    These days, I believe in Conspiracy Theories more than I do the theory of evolution.


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