A Question…. and a Lie

I’m writing this here because honestly, Facebook is biased and not even trying anymore to hide that fact – in fact, all the mainstream media and tech firms are biased.

I want to ask a question. I would like someone to answer….

The question is this. If the Government is telling us the following;

  1. The vaccine will not stop you getting COVID
  2. The vaccine will not stop you spreading COVID
  3. Lockdowns. masks and social distancing will be required even after everyone is vaccinated, and
  4. If you have natural immunity because you had COVID, you must still be vaccinated.

Then what the hell is in that vaccine? and for what purpose must we all get it? This is the most illogical tripe I have ever heard so please what is the real reason behind getting a vaccination that doesn’t solve the problem and doesn’t help?

And the lie….

I went to Jeremy Clarkson’s tweet to verify this. Of course, it has lots of people replying how lucky he was and that he is making COVID out to be nothing more than the flu etc. etc.

What he is really pointing out if people would stop for one moment and think is this… THE MEDIA LIES.

LIES, LIES and LIES – all day, every day.


4 thoughts on “A Question…. and a Lie

  1. I’m not sure of the reasons – there are multiple vaccines – all different platforms. And if there was some reason other than just stupidity, surely they would put it in the water we drink…. Nothing makes sense anymore – its all illogical driven by an ideology.


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