A Single Word

Meditating today something weird happened. I was trying to contact the energies that are Morana the Goddess of death and winter and other than images of mud, cold and water, I got very little. I started to drift I think and I woke up with a bit of a jolt – as you do – realising I had started to drift off and reset myself. The funny thing was that what woke me was a voice in my ear. It said one word.


I made a note and carried on. After completing the meditation, I remembered this word. It’s not a word I had ever heard but still…. I googled it.

Statch – underage girl or slang for vagina.

OK well that is a bit strange I thought … that a word would be said in my ear and that that word actually means something. Apparently, it is US slang as it comes from ‘Statutory Rape’ hence its use to denote an underage girl. The use for vagina is therefore obvious.

What struck me was the dissonance. Plainly, meditating on a Goddess, you might expect at some point young girl or even vagina to be something that could come up. On the other hand, it has awful connotations doesn’t it? It’s demeaning.

Then I though….hmmmmmm, what about Czech? After all, I am in Czechia meditating on the energies of a Czech goddess. Stach would be spelled probably Stač in Czech and Stač means ‘enough’. It also has meaning in another Slavic language – Slovenian – where it means ‘strike’.

This then got me thinking… what about entering the word in a cipher like the secret cipher of the ufonauts? This cipher comes from one of Crowley’s books apparently. Here is a number of interesting hits in that cipher.

Am a god





So what did I get from all of this? Not much really to be honest except…. where on earth did that word come from? And if you look at all of its meanings, is it not relevant somewhat to the subject of my meditation? Was Morana telling me ‘enough – you fall asleep!’ or was she hinting at being abused in some way by the later christians who see her as some sort of evil demon?


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