The inconvenient walking dead… II #COVID #cancer #carers

Part 2 – please read Sue’s account…

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Continuing from yesterday’s post…

A few days after speaking to my GP and before the hospital referral process could kick in, both I and one of my lungs collapsed. I was lucky to have my friend with me at the time, otherwise, I would not now be here writing this.

I was admitted to hospital. Worryingly, via the resuscitation suite.

Once on the ward, they drained a massive build-up of fluid from around my heart and lungs, by the simple expedient of sticking a needle through my back and into the fluid. Not exactly comfortable, but it gave me instant relief from the months of back pain.

They also did a needle biopsy in the CT scanner. The needle is not precisely fine, they do not put you to sleep and if they have to wriggle the needle once inserted into the lung, it does…

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