Anthony Peake Podcast

On Sunday evening I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Anthony Peake consciousness hour. It went out live on Facebook and is now up on Anthony’s video channel. For those of you who it may interest, please do take a look at what turned into a very all encompassing conversation.

We covered some ground including my background, how I got interested in magic, some of my early experiences which actually support Anthony’s ideas expressed in his books like The Daemon: A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self and Is There Life After Death?. We talked about joining magical schools like the Servants of the Light that Anthony had also been exposed to and The Silent Eye before talking about my solo activities in magic here in the Czech Republic. Finally, we talked a bit about Black-Eyed Kids, bilocation and Parasitic Entities……

I had had Anthony on my podcast a while ago and you can listen to that discussion here.

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