So What Was That All About? Part 1

As an author, I want to see my books discovered, read and enjoyed. So I thought that I would do a multi-part blog periodically about some of my books. to rekindle interest and perhaps introduce you to books you never knew existed? I’m going to start with my attempts to write fiction. Something I haven’t attempted too often.

The Last Observer

Several years ago, my eldest son was at Kings College, London for a semester. I had moved. back to Europe in 2006 and so this was a wonderful opportunity to see him as he was at college in Minneapolis – St. Paul at Macalester College. We had a wonderful time together and one evening after showing me around King’s College, we headed across the road for a beer. The beer turned into several as we explored reality, quantum physics and some impressions I had got from meditation about the observer. I recall leaving flushed with beer and feeling upbeat after he told me you should write that novel. We had ended up discussing a plot you see….

A couple of more years went by and I would often think about writing THAT book but nothing happened until that one day when I decided to do it. The book turned into a novella about a guy called Stan. Stan was just an ordinary guy except for his imagination. He had a vivid imagination so much so that he became addicted to reading books as he could essentially see them as a movie in his mind more real than the outer world. What Stan didn’t know was that nearby a mackical lodge was investigating the sudden deaths of a number of psychics, occultists and paranormal investigators. Edward, leading that investigation had become convinced that there was a sinister motive behind these killings – these people were observers. They had the special skill of collapsing the waveform to maintain reality. He had identified Stan as one of the last remaining people with this essential talent.

Called The Last Observer the book was published by Roundfire in 2013 and it actually did OK. It sold around 400 copies and it still sells in drip feed fashion. It is available in paperback, Kindle and audio versions. The audio is read so very well by amazing voice talent Darren Marlar. It features a thoughtful foreword by Anthony Peake, author of many books about the nature of reality. 86% of its 32 ratings are 4 or 5. For some reason, it attracted the interest of an American University Professor who didn’t like it all. He and a couple of his students engaged in what I can only describe of a bit of a vendetta for some reason against the book which I think actually helped it sell! Here is one 4 tsar review that I like by Alan titled Don’t read this in the bath!.

“… nothing worse than the water going cold half way through.

Way too short, at just over 100 pages, it takes a couple of chapters for Dr Vasey to find his voice (shame on the publisher for not assisting in this respect) but, once he does… do up your seatbelt and get prepared for a ride!

More than a few of the esoteric truths, which the evil Zeltan so desperately wants to protect, are worked into a fast paced romp across the English countryside, culminating in the most unexpected face off imaginable. Controversial ideas, which will prove hard to swallow, both in the scientific and in the magical camps, are woven into a storyline of considerable ingenuity.

Guaranteed to leave the casual reader wanting more, and the “magical reader” desperately flipping back, jaw agape… A must have addition to any esoteric library.”

I like this review as it is spot on – the first two chapters are not great and then it gets going…. In the tradition of Aleister Crowley and Dionne Fortune, it is laced with esoteric knowledge as well as a smattering of quantum physics (and that is where the comparison ends). I even made a couple of promo videos for it…

The Lord of The Elements

Well, some people liked and enjoyed The Last Observer so much they asked me to do another with the same characters. It took me a while to get around to it though and by the time I did, I think the impetus was gone and this book probably hasn’t managed more than 30 copies, which is unfortunate for it is much better than the first (in my opinion). I decided to go back and write a prequel to explain some of the twists in The Last Observer (so – do NOT read this one first!!!). It follows the early days of Edward and his beginnings in magic however the main plot revolves around a grimoire called the The Grimoire El Natlez and its mysterious author reputed to have found the secret to eternal life. Here is the book blurb…

Black Magic, Demonic Possession, Astral Travel and Bilocation, Ouija Boards, Good Versus Evil…. this story has it all….

Edward Bright searches for a lost Grimoire written by a magician who purportedly found the elixir of eternal life – The Grimoire El Natlez. Meanwhile, William meets the enigmatic and hypnotic, Ralph Meister, who promises him a life of wealth, women, and fame, in return for his soul. Behind all of these events is a sinister and powerful demon – the Lord of the Elements.

Lord of the Elements is the prequel to The Last Observer and book 2 in the series which finds both Edward and William in a magical battle for their very souls.

A short, but twisty, story that holds nothing back. Full of magic and occult. This book is a real ride through the battle between good and evil and the process of discovery of the ultimate truth.

Will William find a way to avoid losing his soul? Will Edward find his Grimoire?

Grab your copy of Lord of the Elements and find out.

It has just one 5 star review from Paul Hilton who says…”A great read for anyone who enjoys occult fiction. A splendid follow up to the Last Observer which I can highly recommend. Can’t wait for the next one.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be a next one…but you never know!

It is available in paperback and Kindle. I have been told the cover is too scary! What do you think?

The Pink Bus

In terms of books that sink without trace, The Pink Bus holds that accolade amongst my work. Again, I’m not sure why. It is a collection of short stories with an esoteric theme. The full title is THE PINK BUS.: Amazing Paranormal Encounters After Death: Uplifting Short Stories. Hmmmm – too long perhaps?

This is the first day of a new life. You wake up one morning, and you get out of bed. You find your slippers, light a cigarette, and look for her. Your wife is nowhere to be seen, the only thing you can hear is kids screaming past your house playing football. You walk down the stairs, half-asleep, and head to the kitchen. You want to pour yourself that morning elixir. You head into the kitchen, and you see the white envelope on the counter. You open it. It’s a card. The flowers on the front tell you that it was sent for an occasion. You open it and see your name. You’ve just read a sympathy card—and the sympathy comes from the fact that you are dead, and everyone is at your funeral. You are the occasion.

It all makes sense now. But all the things you should have done—all the things you wished you’d done—flood your mind. One question blurts out above the rest. You now know the answer, but millions of people on Earth still do not.

So now you know how it stands. But have you ever asked yourself, “What happens when I die? If I just cease to exist, then what was the point of it all?”

If you have, then these encounters will chill you. As we travel on our journey, we will explore tales of reincarnation, life as a ghost, life as a god, creating your own reality, and much more. Each is tinged with a little mystery and magic to make you wonder what is the meaning of life.

La-La land is that place we go in our imagination when we daydream. It is a land full of magic, mystery and endless alternatives, tinged with a bit of fear, doubt and uncertainty.

Your guide will be G. Michael Vasey, an adventurer of the paranormal. You’ll learn from him, so why don’t you come with us? All aboard the Pink Bus for a magical tour of reality. It’s later than you think….

THE PINK BUS.: Amazing Paranormal Encounters After Death by G. Michael Vasey is a collection of supernatural vignettes and short stories about dying, death and the other side.

This one you can grab in Kindle or Audio book read by Lorraine Ansell. This one has “sold” a few more than I thought actually at 161 though 98 of those were free giveaways!

I suspect that on this my timing was wrong. I had just had a huge hit with a ghost stories book… plainly, this wasn’t what people wanted or expected as my follow up.

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