Where is the Government Advice?

I wrote a quick post on my personal FB account this morning and in the end I though it worthwhile expanding upon here. Where is the Government advice?

There are always things you can do during an epidemic. You can take steps to bolster your immunity for example as I am doing. But then, I realised that all the information I am getting about how to do this is coming form ‘alternative’ sources. There is no advice that I know of from Governments or from the mainstream media. In fact, quite the reverse, they seem intent on getting us all sick. Let me explain.

Here are a whole bunch of things we can all do to boost our immune systems and stay healthy as possible…

  • Take vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D, C and Zinc, Magnesium and so on. You can also check your diet and ensure that the food you are eating is healthy and itself provides these nutrients. Avoid fast food and poor diets,
  • Get plenty of fresh air and exercise,
  • Get 8 hours of sleep per night,
  • Avoid stress and use meditation, for example, to relax or even some nice music.

See. Just an example of common sense things to do. Yet, have the Governments or mainstream media told us this? No. In fact, they have basically pushed us in the opposite way as follows..

  • Stay at home under lockdown – ie no sunlight for vitamin D and little exercise, poor diet and stress,
  • Avoid other people – increase in stress and mental stress meaning more cortisol and reduced immunity,
  • Wear masks everywhere meaning no fresh air but your own exhalations, damp masks prone to bacterial and other infections, improper mask, improper fitting of masks, using masks for longer than the recommended 20 minutes before exchange and wearing masks when it is unnecessary – reduction in immune system and risk of infection and illness,
  • For vulnerable people – locked up and isolated causing stress and mental issues like depression,
  • Shut down of gyms and wellness – obvious really but inability to relax, destress and inability to visit tanning salon for vitamin D boost if you wanted to,
  • Constant churn of fear – reporting daily deaths rather than survival statistics, talking about new, more dangerous mutations, causing people to resent others who follow the above or have issues with the lockdown and so on – causes stress


It’s almost as if they want us all sick?

9 thoughts on “Where is the Government Advice?

  1. Silverapplequeen – re-read your comment – I guess you misunderstood? No one is complaining. I am pointing out the lack of good health advice on the part of Government and mainstream media…. I’m amazed you argue – then please show me I’m wrong – send me an article from CNN or from the US Government providing advice on how to keep your immunity up? And you may be educated and intelligent but the 20-years I spent in Texas tells me that many Americans lack even basic knowledge about the world.


  2. Exactly my point – take some responsibility for your health, stop listening to the non-stop BS from media and Government and get on with it. That’s the entire point of the article. Thanks.


  3. That’s utterly ridiculous. You can get out for exercise, while “staying at home”, you either do it in your own yard or you so what I do, walk around the city & I only put my mask up when I’m talking to other people. You can get Vitamin D by taking a Vitamin D supplement. You can do yoga, dance, stretching exercises, ALL kinds of exercises INSIDE your house to stay in shape. You can eat a great diet! I know, cuz I do, every single day!

    Yeah, the loneliness is tough but I have friends with whom I talk to via the internet or the phone & I have friends I call BOOKS. I also watch lots of documentaries. BTW, I have Bipolar 1 so I know a little bit about mental illness & needing a support system.

    The thing is, I’m an American & I know about not having a government to tell me what to do but I’m not an idiot. I know where to find the answers. I knew where to find the answers a LONG time ago.

    Take some responsibility for your own life already! & stop complaining!


  4. I agree. There’s no mention here in Canada about looking after health from the inside out. It’s just mask up, put on gloves, wash hands, stay away from people and watch the fake news.

    I am not surprised unhealthy people get sick / sicker regardless of the virus/illness/disease. I’m not sure why this is a surprise to anyone. I just looked up the stat: More than 1/3 of Americans are obese. Gee, I wonder why there are so many sick people in America?

    Personally, I haven’t had a flu or cold since spring 2014. Why? Zinc and Selenium. It’s the two things I added to my diet at that time that swung the pendulum in the right direction. While I’ve always lived a healthy lifestyle, I must have been deficient in these two things. Now I can be in a room full of sick people, even tending to my sick kids, and I don’t get sick. It’s like I’m wearing armour.

    I’ve always said government doesn’t care about our health.


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