Smoke and Mirrors

From where I sit, we appear to live in a world of illusion – smoke and mirrors. One where the planet is burning up, there is a climate emergency, a pandemic that is killing people in droves globally, where masks are essential, and on and on and on. A world in which freedom of speech is somehow now an undesirable right wing trait along with common sense and constructive thinking. Where the media has everything dumbed down to crisp fear mongering soundbites and where my PhD in Geology is now actually a PhD in denial. In short, it is as if the world has gone mad. Up is down and down is up and if I don’t agree I am a denier. Well, sorry, I don’t and I am not alone.

I see a descent into totalitarian hell going on honestly and it isn’t a slow one either. Big Tech and the media are pushing this agenda as hard as they possibly can and it amounts to a whole bunch of lies. In areas where I have some expertise and read the actual science, there is no evidence of a climate emergency, the planet is NOT burning up, forest fires are down, significant weather events are down, CO2 is plant food and a little bit more of it has greened the planet (says NASA). But I’m a denier. Soon, I have no doubt I will be shunned by some of you and I suspect that some of you will cheer on as people like me are denied basic rights and finally put in internment camps. OK thats a bit strong but that is where it is headed….

First, people like me are called deniers, then we are de-platformed so we cannot speak freely anymore – muzzled. Next, we are besmirched, called names, we have our reputations questioned along with our motives. And then imagine when the media starts calling for us not just to be cancelled but seen as a threat. It’s already started people. In the US, the left is already demanding it. Then all those others who want to be seen to be onside – they start reporting their friends and neighbors, relatives and rivals…. the media whips up the anti-denier mob and pretty soon…… It can happen and we are already just a short step or two away.

I didn’t vote in the US election (again). I could not vote for Trump and I seriously have nothing but bile for the Biden/Harris agenda. Yet 70+ million did vote for Trump and there are calls for this half of the US population to be blacklisted, called out. We are at the beginning of a witch hunt in which people with a conservative bend or just who value freedom of speech will be persecuted. Think I am joking? Well, just pay attention to the narrative – Listen and watch.

Politics bores me. The same issues and the same arguments ad infinitum. But I now frame things like this. There are two types of people – those who look at how Government is protecting personal freedoms and freedom of speech and those who appear to want more and greater centralization of power and say and are willing to give up these basic human rights – whether they know that or not). I belong in the former camp and I am alarmed at how most Governments and politicians are in the latter camp.

Wake up …. before it is too late. And don’t tell me I am wrong… I am not. The suppression of criticism of the narrative is happening daily and getting worse.

8 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors

  1. I think those behind the scenes who want control over the world and who fuel this ‘movement’ have purposefully attracted people who hate themselves. In doing so, they’ve easily created an ‘army’ of hateful people who doesn’t care about civilization and everything decent.

    I do believe we need a reset, but it’s not in the way these people think. I’d like to revert back to 1800 conditions, where most people have to grow their own food. Those who can’t or are too weak will perish. Cruel but necessary. Too many weaklings survived and weakened society. That’s weak in body, mind and spirit.


  2. I like the idea of two separate groups and the sheep do spew so much bile don’t they? I’m not sure about anything except that a lot is going on that actually makes no real sense from any angle and a lot of people simply buy into it without question. Thanks…

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  3. I’m in your camp. I know many more who live in Nova Scotia. It’s easier to ignore most of the propaganda by politicians and the mainstream media here. Too bad we couldn’t divide the world into the two camps so the sheep can swallow themselves in hatred and we can get on with life without the nonsense.

    Personally, I like to see the end results of a scheme before I decide what the true intentions of the manipulator are. In this case, I’m going to take a jab at it since I think the end of everything sane nears. The bioweapon released from the lab on Wuhan and spread around the world that lost its strength over time and turned into the common flu, was meant to shut down society and breed mass fear and compliance.

    If theories are correct, it’s Agenda 21 and depopulation. I’ve been watching this military site ( for about four years. It predicts a large decrease in population between 2017 and 2025. The population of the United States is predicted to fall by 70%. Canada is supposed to drop by 30%. How these predictions were made is not stated.

    Politics bores me, too. The smaller the government, the better. PS: I’d have voted for Trump, too. We’ve got a useless blackface Trudeau clown in Canada, who bends the knee and cries on cue.


  4. Well, those that are calling for these restrictions and reprogramming accuse everyone but themselves of this sort of behavior…. its obvious to me which are the real totalitarians. If they did but know their history, they might see it and also know that the one’s who support this stuff initially are often the ones it ends up hurting.


  5. At the risk of being muzzled myself, I can say I agree with you. This stated desire on the part of many to silence people who disagree with them is frightening. The word “reprogramming” or ‘deprogramming” the Trump supporters is used frequently. And where has that been heard before? As it’s been said before, those who don’t know or understand history are going to repeat it.


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