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A few years ago, I decided I would write a book that outlined an approach to life. I looked at that book earlier tonight and realised that what it has to say is even more relevant now than it was when I wrote it. In fact, this weekend, I will record a new podcast based on the book and its content. But first, I thought I’d write this blog.

It follows on from a blog I wrote called ‘Smoke and Mirrors‘ a couple of days ago as well as one I wrote a while back on being very disappointed with the advice given by part of the magical community. You see, what I learned from my spiritual practices this last however so many years is so clear to me that I cannot quite follow how anyone who has engaged in the same practices can really be political or how they can subscribe to a post-modernist left wing utopian perspective. The two things, to me, are mutually exclusive.

Once you start down a path of self exploration, magical training and meditation, it becomes sort of obvious that reality is a perception – a mirror if you will. If you take an interest in the nature of reality – and THAT is the nature of magical study – then you understand that everything is internal – of the mind. You understand that the mind works through filters or lenses built up by upbringing, what you have been taught, culture, nationality, sex, politics and religion amongst a myriad of others. You quickly grasp that your reality is likely to be substantially different to anyone else’s yet the actuality – the underlying nature of a thing – is the same. We just ‘see’ things differently as a result of all of those lenses.

As we work magically, we work to break down as many of these lenses as we can – as we are aware of. We never manage to get to the point of seeing actuality though because we cannot – we have to systemize, model and simplify in order not to have our heads explode. Even our choice of words is a clue as to who we truly are. How we are. However, we learn to understand how this all sort of works. We can talk of thought forms, egregore, tulpa and other words that are attempts to describe a truism of magic and psyche. We engage in ritual methods to reinforce imagination knowing that this is the engine wheel of creation and creativity. And more besides.

And if we have learned this and if we practice this then surely we recognize media, celebrity, politics and the like for what they are…. magical systems targeting humanity and keeping them locked up in a constant energy and attention giving game. The Matrix movie was a pretty good abstraction of this. Which pill will you take? Will you chose to play the game constantly giving your attention and energy to these things and ideas? Or will you take the other pill so that you wake up and realize what this is all about?

A few signs of taking the other pill are the ability to think critically about everything – even stuff you took for granted as fact, the acceptance of personal responsibility and the understanding that other humans need to accept that too or forever be dependent with a growing dependency at that. Once you understand what magic is, I cannot begin to understand how you can have any political affiliation at all because you are showing that you learned nothing and are still part of the system giving energy and attention to the monster. I cannot understand how knowing about the importance of free will and personal responsibility, you can subscribe to left wing mantras of more and greater dependence on central Government? It doesn’t compute!!! Instead, I think you should heave learned that teaching self-reliance, liberty and self responsibility through example and through action would be how a true magician would act.

So I have been observing the magical community very closely in recent months and years and I see true adepts and I see pretenders following politics and trends and trying to be more woke than woke. Much has been revealed in the last few years and it is rather disappointing to discover that there is a lot of sound and fury but not much substance in a good part of the magical community…… I suppose it is hard to remove politics from anything these days as there are those who wish everything to be first political. Some will accuse me of being political in what I am saying. No, I have no interest in politics or ideologies. I am interested in truth and I am interested in finding my true self and trying each day to show by example despite my hot temper……

The New You – it’s a bit dated in places with the examples and I will likely re-edit it but it does set out a way to live and to create YOUR reality and not CNN’s, Trump’s, Biden’s or anyone else’s.

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  1. I’ll be honest. I understand humans less now after living amongst them for more than five decades than I did back in the 80s. The crazier society gets, the more I withdraw from it. I can’t decipher the actions of people, and I don’t want any part of the nonsense.

    While TV can’t be blamed for all of it, I believe there is a reason they called TV shows programs. They have been programming people for decades.

    I agree with you on all points. I shared the post on my limited Facebook account.


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