Where Have All The Adepts Gone?

Let me introduce you to the thinking of Mark Stavish….

Where Have All The Adepts Gone? And Other Lessons from My Ill Spent Youth, Part Two

Last week I received a phone call from a former student. I hear from him every so many years and we speak for about an hour catching up. During the conversation he asked, “So, where the hell are all the enlightened people?” An interesting way to phrase the question, so I followed it up with, “What do you mean?”  It turns out that he was searching. After having achieved many of his professional goals he was looking, in his own words, “for something to do”. That is, something beyond the day to day.  This is common among people who are new to the path, but he had over twenty-years of experience in several groups as well as solitary practice.

The conversation went back and forth, with the sum of it being, he was looking…

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