Strange Book Reviews

Several years ago realizing I read a lot of well, strange books, I thought I would start a book review site for them. Part of the idea was to maybe make a few extra dollars from the amazon affiliate scheme, promote a few books and basically, a place for my reviews if anyone was interested. It’s not a site that gets a lot of traffic being a tad obscure to say the least and I only update it periodically anyway. However, I thought I’d promote it a bit today here….

If you read books on magic, paranormal, the nature of reality, Sci-fi and so on, it might interest you to pop over there and read a review or two. If you do go there and you see a book you have read, do rate it please. You do that by clicking on the stars under the book – you only get one vote! Use it wisely..

I also do review books for a fee and then post my review there. I don’t do this very often and the majority – 95% of the books on the site – were books I purchased and reviewed all on my own. Paid reviews are identified as so (Our Review (Paid)….

Anyway – do pop over and take a look….?

Strange Book Reviews

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