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I’m not one for conspiracy. We did land on the Moon. The Earth is a globe. I’m a Ph.D. scientist with almost 10 peer reviewed published papers in the time I was researching my PhD (in itself, that was deemed sufficient to be awarded the Ph.D.). I find myself increasingly at odds with the narrative though and it feels uncomfortable and it puzzles me why so many people simply never question, never research things politicians and media tell them. Not only do they never question but they take up the battle on behalf of their favored ideology without any expertise and persecute others that DO have expertise.

This morning, I read a paper in the American Journal of Medicine (January 2021 issue). I read this kind of material daily to try to figure out what is going on and to find ways to adjust my lifestyle to try not to get sick. I was not surprised to discover the authors of the paper stating that HCQ works. Not surprised at all. Why? Well, Trump is gone now so there is no political pressure to make him look like an idiot anymore and now Biden is in charge, COVID will diminish mostly via manipulation of facts because well, COVID has always been political.

No, remember, Im not a conspiracy theorist. COVID is real, COVID can be a killer and we need to be doing what we can to fight COVID. My point is that it became a political weapon in the fight to discredit Trump and stop his (at the time inevitable re-election). It also became a way to identify and blacklist people who would not go along with the mantra – this will continue by the way until people understand what is happening and resist.

One of the early casualties of truth in the political war was the use of cheap existing medicines like HCQ and Ivermectin to fight COVID. Trump extolled the virtues of HCQ and immediately the left went to work to discredit him and that statement. They not only used misinformation and lies but they discredited GPs and medical professionals across the west who rightly stood up and said ‘it works’. This campaign went so far as to have some doctors disbarred for continuing to prescribe the drug and in some areas, pharmacists were banned from filling prescriptions if they suspected COVID as the reason behind the prescription. Well, these people have blood on their hands. We now know that HCQ is cheap and effective. It has been used extensively outside of the USA because of it. People died for this ideology! (People always are the victims of ideologies.)

Was this disinformation pushed by the media and the left simply to not allow Trump credit for something? Or was it part of an attempt to prolong and worsen the COVID outbreak so that Trump would not be able to be elected? Even worse, was there a motive of profit behind it pushing untried and untested experimental injectables on us all at a huge cost rather than the few cents the existing drugs cost? I do not know but I do recall watching a very senior and well-respected Doctor explaining with tears in his eyes to a panel of US politicians that HCQ worked, was cheap and effective and why did they not accept that. One Democrat told him he was part of a conspiracy. NO – he was a doctor doing his damned job. Here is a Newsweek story of that incident.

A crime has been committed by the left and by that smarmy Democrat politician. Will there ever be justice? I doubt it. Too many people simply go along with the narrative even as it morphs and changes to suit without any explanation.

Consider this. Around the time of the Biden inauguration the WHO came out with revised guidelines for how to report COVID. They said (and I laughed until I cried) that the PCR test was unreliable giving far too many false positives and that the number of cycles should not exceed 25 (when in the US it was 40) and a positive test should be accompanied by another form of evidence like a Doctor’s physical diagnosis. Some of us had been saying this very thing for months! What is the impact of this? An overnight drop in infected numbers and deaths. Bu magic. Puff! Biden the savior! Am I too cynical to read politics into this? I think not. It’s how they manipulate the narrative to suit the occasion.

I despair at this stage. People do not think or question and the masses simply obey like sheep. Same with climate. There is NO climate crisis except perhaps the world would benefit from about 600ppm more CO2 if it is to feed the population. But try telling anyone this now and it’s a waste of breath despite the fact that the science published daily shows that there is no crisis. Of course, after decades of the same hysterical hand wringing over climate, you might think the ‘cry wolf’ effect would kick in but it seems people have a short memory.

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  1. I’ve tried to reason with people when I saw conflicting information, but I gave up. I mean, if people in hazmat suits in China were still getting the Wuhan Flu and dying from it in February, what was a flimsy piece of cloth shaped into a mask at home and worn a dozen times between washes going to do for us?

    Also, they were spraying down the streets in Wuhan with chemicals, yet warm water and soap will kill the virus. Why didn’t they just spray the streets with soap?

    I 100% agree with you that the virus was made political, but people who have been trained to hate everything Trump can’t see for the hate. Now that King Biden has claimed the throne, all will be well. Of course, I don’t expect him to last very long. My bet is he’ll be gone by the 1st day of summer, either dead from a “heart attack” or ‘dismissed’ due to medical reasons. Then the 1st communist woman to rule the Divided States will sit on the throne. That’s when the real fun begins.

    Watching the US implode won’t be pretty, and I fear Canada will be drawn into the conflict in some way. Our leader is a weak-kneed, man-child who has no idea what real Canadians want.

    As a conspiracy theorist (since that’s what people like me who don’t buy into mainstream media’s “truth” are called), I predict the next 10 years will be something to watch with popcorn, from a safe distance. Mostly, I just feel sorry for my kids who won’t have the freedoms and opportunities I had.


  2. I agree. These ideologues are destroying the USA and you can sit back and watch it happen….. amazingly weird. NTW – common sense is a right wing thing these days and can get you cancelled….LOL

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  3. I couldn’t agree with you more! The press, WHO, the NIH physicians were bound and determined NOT to agree with anything coming from the White House. Now that Biden is in office, everything coming from the White House is God’s law. Saints preserve us! We need to rely on common sense, which seems to have deserted half the population.

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