Black Magic?

I’m sure most people don’t believe in magic let alone black magic. That be as it may, it is well known that there are certain psychological techniques that aim to obtain a specific result. Most people do accept psychology I think. Think of magic as self-psychology to a degree. So what do we do if we want to achieve a specific result in magic or indeed, psychology?

Well, I actually set out the way in my book – The New You. One way is act like you already have what it is you want. Another is to visualize yourself succeeding over and over again. Now athletes and other sports professionals use these techniques to raise their performance very successfully and pay coaches big bucks to work with them on this acting out strategy. What is ritual magic anyway but dressing up and acting out. So then what the hell is the UK Government engaged in with this program???

Act like you’ve got it! Black magic that is what this is. They are using psychological and magical techniques to get you to act like you have COVID and in the process, you will get it.

Another example of black magic being employed by the Government and media are face masks. The science of face masks is huge. Really, it goes back a long way and most of it – the majority of it says face masks are no good. Indeed the WHO and CDC had the same attitude based on this research until April/May when they suddenly changed 180 degrees and, they did hint it was due to political pressure. Consider the history of the use of face masks with a magical/psychological intent going back more than 2000 years…

Again – this is a subversive psychological technique and nothing to do with public health.

I could go on and on citing the propaganda pumped out on a daily basis as creating an egregore of fear around a virus that actually for the average person isn’t that big a deal. Not only that but fear and stress is known to reduce your immunity (as is the Pfizer vaccine for up to 7-days after injection).

I’m appalled to realize that the powers that be are using black magic on us all. The question is why?

I know some will look at me and think wow…. what a loonie but I have studied magic now for 20+ years and I know when magic is being employed – black or white. I think I will add some psychic protection exercises to my daily routines….

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  1. I saw mention of your book. I’ll take a look though I have a pile of books to read already. I agree with you that making people act like they are sick is evil. No doubt it has made people sick. Governments around the world are all in on it, or else many would know how horrible this is and not do it.


  2. Thanks I will watch. I wrote a book called The New You and it talks about imagining, visualising and acting as if as a magical and psychological technique. I’m horrified to see it used in this way…..

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  3. I meant to mention a “podcast” I watched two days ago. It’s long, more than two hours, but I found it well worth it. The title talks about energy, but it has nothing to do with energy. It has everything to do with pretending to be the person you want to be to gain the life you want have. I’ve watched discussions on this topic before; they’re eye-openers.

    I thought of this podcast when I read your second paragraph above. If you’re interested, it’s here: How to Have Infinite Energy (Yes, It’s Possible) | Todd Herman on Conversations with Tom (


  4. Neither can BLM protesters but MAGA rallies can. Yes…. weird virus this one isn’t it. Very left-wing friendly…. I’m so glad I don’t live in Fortress UK under Boris. That country has gone to the dogs. `some people there aren’t satisfied and want more restrictions and report their neighbors etc. just like did here back in communist Czechoslovakia….

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  5. Anyone can spread it? This brainwashing is working on many but not everyone. I can’t spread it. I don’t have it. Apparently kids can’t spread it, neither can truck drivers, who drive across Canada. Neither can politicians who still fly around the country.

    I agree with you with regard to covering the face and losing identity. I call them muzzles, not masks. This is going to end badly unless more people take a stand, toss the mask and start living again. I’ve watched news clips from the UK, and I’m unsure how the government is getting away with this communist rule. Has the population been groomed for decades to live in fear because the government says to?


  6. I love comments and feedback everyone. I know some will disagree with me and that is just fine. But if you do wish to leave a comment that is disagreeing, please be civil. I am not going to tolerate people coming in swearing and being obnoxious – not at my age and not on my page. Thanks.


  7. Hey language!! Have you read what I wrote or seen what you thought was there?

    No one here mentions women or patriarchies. I don’t mention Islam except in a borrowed meme to make a point… ie that is it is not simply me stating this FACT. Covering of people’s faces is not a very good thing whoever is doing it and for whatever reason in my opinion.

    Lady – put your hair back on and actually read what I am saying. I’m not into your ideologies and the chips on your shoulder sorry those are your issues, not mine – it is a FACT psychologically that mask wearing symbolizes loss of voice and loss of humanity. Go argue with the psychologists who figured that out if you will.

    Before you criticize me with your own issue projections might I suggest you go away and figure out where your anger is coming from? You need some help. Please stay away from my blog in future if you are going to coming in cursing and totally off on some tangent never mentioned in my blog. It is the second time you have done that and last warning. Got that? Thank you!

    In fact – you are blocked. Goodbye.


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