I awoke this morning to fog. I haven’t seen fog in a long time. I love being in the outdoors on a foggy day and feeling the comfort of feeling wrapped up. There is something magical about it. So, I went for an early walk around the Castle.

The fog has developed due to it getting a bit warmer and what immediately struck me was the wetness of everything. Little water droplets all over the trees and bushes hanging like little sacks of sparkling joy. Little jewels dressing the trees and bushes. The second were the birds. Ravens and blackbirds of all shapes and sizes rummaging in the grass now that the soil surface has softened in many places, no longer frozen solid. I assume they feed or seek food. Their caws and tweets echoing in the foggy world I found myself in. One noisy crow perched in a tree spoke with me for a while….

As I walked the pathways, many were still part frozen and part muddy making the walk a bit slippery at times. Even though it’s warmer, it’s still cold at 1C and my breath hung like fog within fog. No views of the city below today – instead a blank wall of white and just the sound of the odd tram disturbing the sounds of nature.

I felt that perhaps spring is just around the corner. No shoots of new plants yet nor any sign of the crocuses that I know will soon begin to appear. It is still winter and the Snow Queen isn’t quite finished yet – if the weather forecast is to be believed. But for the first time, I sensed that excitement that spring is coming. and I’m pleased because meditations on the Goddess of winter and death have become much harder…. it will be nice to move on to the Goddess of spring.

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