What Was All That About – Part 4

After the relatively successful My Haunted Life Series, I was encouraged to find something else paranormal to follow up quickly. I had become intrigued by the stories of technology hijacked by the paranormal somehow and so I decided to investigate and write about this idea. It was again, a story submitted to my Haunted Life Too website that triggered the interest. The story was about a couple who on their way out started to get calls on her phone from his. His was left in their apartment, so they suspected a break in or something……. of course there was no one in their apartment and no sign of any break in – so who….. or what … had made those scary calls? So I set out seeking other stories and I came up with all sorts – radios not plugged in playing music, phones calls from the dead and so on. I called in Ghosts in the Machines. It was quite short and that probably was the issue – it was too short! Just I couldn’t find so many stories and I will not make up stories – they have to be real. The book sold almost 600 copies to date. Rated at 3.7 out of 5 stars on average, the common criticism is that it is too short…..

A bit sick of ghost stories, I turned my attention so something more magical. Throughout history there have been tales of amazing magical people – alchemists, magicians and so on. So, I decided to document a few of them with mini biographies seeking a common theme of enlightenment and magical powers. As the blurb says, “from the mysterious Apollonius of Tyana, a Wizard, Wanderer & Sage to the dark chaos magic of English artist Austin Osman Spare, from the defamed Pretender Messiah, Simon Magus to the wife swapping antics of the medieval magical adventurers, John Dee & Edward Kelly, you will be entertained and enthralled by these special people.” Apparently people were and are entertained as it has sold almost 1100 copies and continues to sell steadily. I like the title too – God’s Pretenders! It is also highly rated at 4.5 stars out of 5!

This sudden turn back to the magical and away from ghost stories was probably in part due to the obsession I had developed with the hexagram as a symbol. For years, I had been receiving or channeling I suppose material about the symbol from my inner contact. I didn’t have enough for a long book and I was struggling to find a way to present it all. So I turned to a friend with similar interests that I had aCtually never met! Sue Vincent was a fellow traveller of the mystical and magical I had met online and developed a steady and growing friendship at a distance with – especially while in Texas. One day as we chatted I asked if she might consider helping me knock out the material I had as a book? She answered affirmatively and helped edit my materials while adding a chapter on the background of the symbol and a lot of her material on the Qabalah or Tree of Life….. somehow, everything fit as if by magic and we had a book – The Mystical Hexagram. Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki very kindly provided a short foreword and the whole thing was released via a small publisher. After a couple of years or so, I became a tad frustrated with the lack of reporting from the publisher, took the book back, Sue and I re-edited it and added a little material. Sue created a new cover and we put it out as Edition 2. I dunno how many copies the first version sold… but Edition 2 has sold over 130 copies so far which is pretty good for a book of this genre in my opinion. It also has an outright 5 of 5 stars….. It also cemented a friendship that lasts to this very day…. and yes, we have subsequently met and played out in the land chasing magic …