A Glitch in the Matrix

Do you recall the scene in The Matrix when the cat walks across twice? A glitch in the Matrix? I remember that scene well and these days the Matrix appears to be completely glitched from my point of view. I think I noticed the glitch first about 20 years ago or rather, my father pointed it out to me. I was visiting from Texas where I lived at the time and suddenly, he told me that things were disappearing from the internet. Puzzled I asked what he meant and he took me to a website he had been reading about volcanoes. “There used to be an entire page on how volcanoes spew out so much CO2,” he told me. “Now, it’s gone!” This really bothered him. at the time, I didn’t pay that much attention. Dad was a bit like me – he did his own research and did his own thinking.

A few years later, he asked me if remembered this event and I told him that I did. He said, it is getting worse. Web pages are disappearing all over the internet. He also disparaged wikipedia as a collection of political activists recreating the world according to their ideology. Most of his examples of missing web pages were around the topic of climate and CO2 but he told me that it didn’t stop there. My Dad had multiple myeloma and was in remission. He was researching the cancer and cancer in general and had even struck up correspondence with a couple of researchers in Universities. His thinking was that cancer was started by a virus and his ideas were also being researched by these university doctors. But, as he pointed out, some webpages on the topic of a viral causation for types of cancer had also gone missing. He was very upset by this.

I became convinced his observations were correct around the same time. Imagine that you have been educated in a topic to a very high level and then you undertook original research in that area publishing peer reviewed papers and gaining a Ph.D. and then one day as you are googling around, you stumble on articles that are not just plain wrong but plain dumb too. In order to prove that, you go off in search of a source for the basic facts you understand from your own research – only to discover that those web pages are NO LONGER there…… It was at this moment that I realized we are being manipulated and lied to. I had no idea then how pervasive this would become but I finally saw what my father had seen. Manipulation I dug deeper and found the original scientific papers I was looking for still existed but references to them had simply vanished. So, if you didn’t know of the research you would never find it using google.

Recently, I stopped using the google search engine altogether. It’s easy to verify that this search engine is manipulating us and deliberately. Just installed duckduckgo or another browser and search something like ‘climate change denial’. Compare the results. The bias is obvious. While google brings up websites that call anyone who doesn’t go along with the populist views on climate a ‘denier’ and offer a one-sided view of the issue, Duckduckgo brings up websites dedicated to the alternative views of those of us who do not subscribe. In other words, google suppresses alternative viewpoints in favor of one theory. Try it for yourself. It is plainly obvious that google is biased.

But it goes further than that. By one means or another, alternative viewpoints and FACTS – basic scientific facts that is – have simply disappeared from all sorts of websites and continue to do so. There is a pervasive rewriting of science going on all around. This glitch in the matrix is deliberate and it pervasive. Not just climate but almost any topic around which there is an ideology promoted and pushed by mainstream media and politicians. It has got beyond surreptitious fiddling with web pages. The fiddling with reality is now mainstream and pushed by the cancel crowd. People with conflicting opinion are being de-platformed – not secretly but publicly and often with the support of a growing crowd of ordinary yet ill-informed people. Worse that that, the intolerance for an alternative opinion is becoming increasing dangerous with demands for sub human treatment for those who have a different opinion – jail time, denial of healthcare, freedom of movement, travel, access to public facilities…. where will this end? I suspect where it always does with the violent persecution of those who do not conform. We are almost there already.

Here is the problem with this. All you have to do is look at history to see how this plays out. The current climate ideology is just one hypothesis and that is all it is yet we see Bill Gates funding attempts to block out the sun. We see Governments moving to ban fossil fuels without any real consideration of the broader implications of this and so on. Blocking out the sun is NOT very smart and neither is removing cheap and accessible energy for the vast majority of humanity before a reliable replacement is really there and/or an understanding of basic issues like Steel needs coal to make it, most people wear and are dependent on cheap plastic and indeed cheap energy. The end result of this will be death and death on a massive scale just like we saw in China and the USSR as centralized plans that bore no relation to reality were implemented by religious ideologues.

We have already seen this with HCQ. HCQ is a cheap drug that really works in preventing and treating COVID. All sorts of doctors and medical professionals have said this (and lost their jobs). There are published peer reviewed papers from as early as 2005 about the efficiency of this drug in fighting Coronovirus and despite what fact checkers may say to the contrary (fact checking being another form of glitching the matrix), Dr. Fauci was and is well aware of this fact as it was his colleagues who wrote the paper I have in mind. Then, just at the end of last month, quietly a prestigious medical journal published another paper that highlighted HCQ as a cheap and reliable cure for COVID that had been used effectively in countries outside the west. And this change in the narrative or party line came when? When the political landscape in the US had changed. So honestly, the left and its ideologues already have blood on their hands in their pursuit of distorting the truth and creating a narrative. How many lives could have been saved had HCQ been prescribed? Watching the Youtbe video of a US Government hearing where a senior and experienced medical researcher appeals for common sense and the use of Ivermectin while accused by a Democrat of conspiracy theory promotion makes me sick and that Democrat should lose his job permanently for such politicising of a major health issue.

In fact – watch the following to understand the scale of this problem… Note the misleading and obnoxious title of the second video…. this is an example of the problem we face.

Humanity is always the victim of ideology. Always.

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  1. Personally I rather be rich and miserable than poor and miserable. I feel a greater danger to the world is algorithms. Programs designed to calculate what they think you want to hear from the internet, thus they change the net to suit you. What it really does is create a small internet bubble for you, a train-station (Mobile Avenue)(Limbo Avenue). A place you stuck in and cannot get out.


  2. I agree: he’s a miserable specimen of someone who has sold their soul. I have no idea why anyone in the general population supports him, but I’ve had a few friends who’ve voiced their opinion that he was a great man, one who wants to save humans from disease and hunger. As you can imagine, I don’t agree. However, my few comments regarding the evil ways of this man are scoffed at. Gates has made true believers of some, and their minds will never be changed by facts or logic.


  3. Bill Gates…. yes, when I worked for a rival company to MS and was often in San Francisco I was told by so many people so many times that Gates had never had an original thought and stolen all the MS ideas from others. I think he is a miserable specimen of what people are when they sell their souls for money and power…. Thanks for the comment

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  4. I’ll have to watch the rest of that long video later as I’m running out of time this evening. The first one was shocking.

    However, I want to express my deep concern and absolute shock at what the computer nerd Bill Gates wants to do. Block out the sun? Lower the temperature of a planet that is not threatened by over-heating? What gives that man the right to threaten every life on this planet? How dare him think he has the right to control life on Earth. Who does he think he is? The ruler of Earth? No one has the right to play with nature in this manner.

    If he is allowed to go ahead with this project, we are all doomed. So this is how it will end? By a self-appointed ruler casting us into endless winter. I thought my thermo-greenhouse would keep food on the table, but I’m starting to have my doubts. I need to prepare for winter temperatures year-round, not just six months.

    PS: While I didn’t doubt you, I had to check myself. As soon as I put “Bill Gates block” into the search engine, the rest was filled in for me: sun. The article I read was at Forbes.


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