What Was All That About Part 5

It was 2015 and I had tasted some success in the paranormal genre with several books. What to do next to try to make the most of this? More paranormal stories…. Using all kinds of material from my website, personal recollection and friends and so on, I assembled a new book. As usual I strung the stories together with some thoughts on what they might mean in the broader picture. I called it Your Haunted Lives. It took off like a rocket. As an author, seeing 15 sales or more each day on your Amazon screen is really, really nice. One day it sold 46 copies. This book went to #1 in the paranormal category and stuck there like glue. What a ride!

With 29 customer ratings on Amazon it has an average rating of 4.1 of 5 and has sold over 2700 copies since release. It still sells quite well even now. Why it took off the way it did I will probably never know.

And what to do as a follow up? Why, more of the same…. Your Haunted Life Revisited. However, this was no where near as a big a seller as the first and has moved 800 copies only. Again, this left me puzzled as to what determines the sales of a book? Cover, Title, key words, luck?

So something different was needed… something fresher and scarier. It arrived as a story submitted to my website. It chilled me to the core. Black Eyed Kids? What were these things? Story after story poured in after the first and pretty son, I was trying to figure out what these kids were and a new book took shape. It appeared in the summer of 2016 and it was another huge hit. Over 1500 copies sold but it is also the same book (with added materials) as the Chilling True Tales of the BEK and you can add another 1600 there for a total of over 3100 sales. Not at all bad!

A bit later, I made a compilation of all three books to make a nice paperback book. This has moved 500 copies as well.

The Your Haunted Lives trilogy put me on the map of paranormal story writers. I suddenly became a feature on paranormal podcasts and shows. It was all fun as well. I’m very grateful to those books….