Chasing Dragons in Moravia – FREE on Kindle

This weekend, I have made the kindle version of Chasing Dragons in Moravia free to download on Kindle… Please do go download it and if you read it, please do leave a review…

Chasing Dragons in Moravia: The Magic of Connecting with the Land Book 2

The Slavic pantheon is a mysterious and complex set of deities but the eternal battle between Perun, god of thunder and Veles, god of the underworld is intriguing. As Vasey invokes one and then the other of this duality, things happen. Magic happens and what seem like unrelated visits and happenings suddenly take their place in what turns out to be a shamanic process of connecting with the energies of the gods and the Slavic lands.

Dragons, Gateways to Hell (Houska Castle), Stone Circles (Kraluv Stul), Earth energies, Butterflies and Birds……… it’s all in this true and magical tale.

Chasing Dragons in Moravia: The Magic of Connecting with the Land Book 2

Alan Richardson reviewed the book on as follows…. “Vasey’s new book continues to bring insights and his personal experience of a whole field of esotericism that is both ancient to the larger world, but completely new to me. I had never heard of Peres and Veles before, yet I was enthralled by his invocations of both, and his honest responses when – as often happens in this kind of Work – nothing seems to happen. When in fact, as time reveals, everything was always happening.

Hear an interview with Alan Richardson on my podcast here.

5 thoughts on “Chasing Dragons in Moravia – FREE on Kindle

  1. This morning, I had time to listen to the podcast with Alan Richardson. I wanted to leave a comment there, but I’d have had to sign in with Facebook or Twitter, which I won’t.

    Anyways, I wanted to comment about what Alan had said about another hand helping him write his books. I’ve learned this “other hand” is the genius. Usually, they hang out in the walls of your house or behind a tree or rock until called upon or until they feel the need to whisper stories into your ear.

    I know my genius well. I call him Jack. When I’m truly in the zone for writing, he’s the one telling the story; I am only recording it. When it comes to my fantasy stories, I believe I am merely recording events from another time and/or realm, ones Jack is telling me. I am often surprised by what is written and I cannot take credit for all of it.

    I was able to recognise my genius, who has been with me all my life, while listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ted Talk “Your Elusive Creative Genius”:

    Thanks for the podcast. I found it very interesting.


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