Magic and The Placebo Effect

The world is a funny place. Talk about Magic and people will look at you as if you are certifiable. Change the word ‘Magic’ for ‘Placebo effect’ and scientists and psychologists will readily acknowledge that the mind has the power to heal our body simply via the act of imagination. Which is, after all – magic. I think the Placebo Effect is the best proof of magic there is and scientists think they discovered it relatively recently (I am a scientist as well by the way. By scientists in this instance, I mean materialist-reductionist types).

According to science, the placebo effect was discovered during medicine trials when the control group is given a sugar pill or similar but not the drug being tested for comparison purposes. However, those being given the inert material thought they were bing given the drug and so they often experienced alleviation of their symptoms, healing or even side effects. In the years since, a number of medical conditions have been reported as benefitting from placebos, including acne, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, ED, ulcers, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, and colitis. Now get this! The original explanation was that patients were only imagining they felt well!

By the late 1970’s, science was beginning to show that the placebo effect was real and it was found that the placebos were actually causing the release of endogenous chemicals in the brain. In fact, studies have determined surprising things such the fact that much of the effect of anti-depressants is down to the placebo effect. Not only that, but this effect can be used to control heart rate, cure depression, anxiety, fatigue and much more. Even more surprising was a study in 2010 that seems to show that when a group of IBS sufferers were told they were going to be taking a fake pill – labelled on its bottle – the placebo pill – they all reported symptom relief. So, even if you know you are being fooled, it still has effect especially if told that the fake pill would have ‘healing’ effects.

Even more bizarre is the research done into fake surgery. You know the supposed psychic doctor who does surgery without even making an incision? Well, experiments where surgeons talked their way through a pretend surgery without actually doing anything at all work. A 2014 review of 53 trials in which sham surgery was practiced alongside normal surgical procedures found that the former was beneficial in 74 percent of trials. In half the trials, the sham surgery was found to be just as beneficial as the real procedure. Imagine that!

So what this suggests is that the mind has real power over the physical reality in which we live – in this instance our physical shells or body. It means that the use of imagination, visualisation and belief are all powerful means to modify ‘magically’ your own body. It also suggests that the mind-body mechanism is not properly understood by science though there does appear to be some progress here in the field of epigenetics – basically the study of how changes in gene function cannot be explained by changes in DNA sequence. In fact, this was the basis for the thinking of Bruce Lipton in The Biology of Belief.

However, we digress. The point I wish to make is that the placebo effect is well known in science and it is very real.

Now, I have come to believe that what I believe is real or can be real. So, for example, if I believe that eating a certain food triggers a reaction, it will. If I believe that something is bad for me, it will be bad for me and vice versa. This is the placebo effect at work and is also the basis of a lot of magical work.

The implications of this are staggering especially in the context of the current situation. If I’m told to act like I have COVID, might this be a placebo effect as well? If I have a false positive PCR test, might I develop symptoms anyway? If we are told there is a virus, might I get it because I expect to? This is for me why mandated mask wearing is problematic. This too is a placebo type signal to everyone. In fact, we are under ambush all day and everyday by negative placebo. Like I said – this is the use of magical techniques against us by central Governments whether they know or not what they are doing. I find it alarming and somewhat sinister. What about you?

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  1. I definitely believe in the mind-body connection, Gary. Our minds can make us well or sick, it is quite powerful. Used affirmatively, with awareness, we can effect positive change. Believe!


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