Where is the Sense?

Having been in a form of lockdown since Christmas, the ‘infection rate’ as measure by the unreliable PCR and even less reliable antigen tests, is increasing dramatically in Czechia. So, rather than standing back and saying, this lockdown thing isn’t working. In fact it is destroying our economy, livelihoods, mental health and relationships, what did the health minister here do? Well, after blaming us for the situation, he mandated the following. Everyone must wear respirators, double surgical masks or equivalent on public transport and in shops. He is a politician. In the light of the failure of every policy he has instituted, he had to double down to be seen to be doing something, anything!

Now, let’s examine this latest idiocy shall we. Forgive the little hint of anger here – I have good reason as you will see.

So, a respirator – what is it? It is specialist equipment for health professionals. It isn’t designed to be worn by the public at all. A double surgical mask? Why? What value does that have according to any science anyone can point to. It simply means its harder to breathe and harder to get the oxygen we need and therefore it will have a detrimental impact on health and immunity. The science on facemasks – despite what politicians say and what you will be told, is actually pretty clear. Paper after paper, researcher after researcher has concluded that facemasks have little if any value at all for the general public. In fact, there is more evidence that it actually makes matters worse… but that isn’t the topic of this post..

The average monthly salary of the average Czech is about 40,000CZK. A pack of 5 respirators is about 200CZK. A respirator is only good for up to 4 hours or, until wet, at which point it must be discarded and replaced. At that point, it really is useless and possibly harmful to use. A family of four using the tram 2 times per day then will require 8 respirators. 8 times 5 days a week is 40 respirators – lets throw in 8 more at the weekend. So, 48 respirators a week. 192 a month or 7,680CZK per month…..

So, at a time when many people are struggling to make ends meet, struggling because their livelihoods have gone, etc. they are suddenly supposed to spend 20% of their gross income on respirators???? Really!!! And what did they use before? Well, home made, home sewn masks for free…….

What kind of idiot politician does this to the people they are supposed to protect?

6 thoughts on “Where is the Sense?

  1. I keep telling people, it’s not about the virus. It was never about flattening any curve. It’s about control. To think any country can completely eliminate the flu from the population is insanity. This is a flu virus, one we must live with just like other flu viruses.

    Two Masks: If King Biden wears two, it must be good for everyone.

    I understand your anger; I get it, too, when I see the insanity in public. If the majority threw away their mask and said they weren’t going to do it anymore, this ‘pandemic’ would be over.

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  2. I don’t have to wear a mask as I’m asthmatic, but I do because I don’t like all the accusing glares. and God help me if I cough, which is something asthmatics do occasionally…
    Although we are gradually moving through the chaos, not really sure how and it would seem that the government don’t know either!

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