Sing Me a Song

The ongoing lockdown is stopping me from making more music as I need some new strings. At the moment my guitar sounds awful. So, how I thought I’d revisit and introduce you to a few songs I already made….. if you like them, please subscribe to me on Spotify or where ever you get your music – G. Michael Vasey.

Girl on the Phone

I wrote this in a period of single ness about a woman I met who lived in Berlin….. she was calling me all the time and then abruptly stopped…… Never did figure out why?


Women seem to be the motivation for much of my music….. this is about an ex-girlfriend who at times I thought truly certifiable! She thought I was crazy! There was no talking to her about this…. Today, we remain friends, but she is still a little crazy…..

Far Away

No idea what this is about….. I sang the lyrics stream of Consciousness style to the backing track. The video was shot in Brno with my daughter and we had a lot of fun making it…… just wish I’d held the iphone the right way to get a bigger picture. This song, however, remains the most played song in my repertoire.