What is Connecting with the Land?

Earth Magic Brno

One of the things I do these days is try to connect with the land but what does that mean? Well…. it’s really about getting out into nature and following a whim. I usually try to chose places where there is a link to the Slavs or Celts or, failing that, Templars. Also, monoliths, stone circles, natural places of energy like Macocha, or say, Holy Hill in Mikulov. I tend to approach these visits with a sense of curiosity and of wanting to find the magical or spiritual energies of the place so I may take my dowsing rods and I may meditate or even engage in a small ritual. In the end, we are often guided by synchronicities.

The idea of connecting with the lands isn’t mine. I borrowed it from a close friend and her partner after they took me around a bunch of places in the UK…

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