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Recently, I finished building a website for an initiative I have long contemplated. It has though turned out differently to what I had originally thought of. Back in the day, I had thought to set up a magical lodge based around the received material published in the Mystical Hexagram book that Sue Vincent and I published a few years back. I felt that the material was important and by building a lodge affiliated to a school, I would be working with the true intent behind the content. For those who haven’t read that book, I would say it positions the hexagram as a key to unlocking more from other systems…. Being me, what I hadn’t banked on was frankly the politics that seem to envelop many occult groups…..

Sue Vincent and I – The first time we met although we had known each other far ages and even written a book together!

But then things shifted for me. I affiliated with a different school in the Silent Eye where I knew two of the three principals and got to know the third rather quickly as well. It was Sue Vincent and Sturt France that just a couple or so years ago took a long weekend out to take me on a magical tour…. one that followed their start down this path in their wonderful book – The Initiate. The long weekend will forever remain in my memory as a turning point in my life for many reasons and a treasured memory to boot. I shared that weekend in something truly wonderful and magical. That magic was in everything from the friendships between the three of us to the weird synchronicities that occurred the entire few days. I have told the story in some detail in Chasing the Shaman if you are interested.

Stuart, Sue and myself at Waylands Smithy, 2018
Sue and Stuart outside of the little church that started everything for their explorations

Coming home to Brno was a big let down. There were no stone circles or small 1000-year old churches hiding mysteries, nor where there caves in which all shades of magic had been conducted. Or so I thought. However, I had in my ears the sound of Sue’s words – “Connect with the Land.” Gradually, I sought out places of magic in Moravia and to my utter amazement, I found them hidden in plain sight all around me just waiting to be discovered. I found Templars, Dragons, Stone Circles and Mysterious Churches right on more doorstep along with energy lines and undiscovered ley lines. I encountered shamans who left mysterious signs just around the corner from where I live. I also found a pantheon of gods and goddesses that resonated in my soul in the slavic deities along with a rich vein of myth, legend and real archeology associated with the Slavs. As you can imagine, I soon found myself doing what Sue and Stuart had done but here in and around Brno.

Design left by the local shaman

So as I built the Earth Energy Brno website, it morphed and changed into what I hope will become an informal group of people in the area and beyond who wish to explore the magic of these Slavic lands with me. Yes, I will try to set up a meditation group and I will try to offer some informal guidance on magic using The Mystical Hexagram and also The New You as cores, but the emphasis will be on exploring and connecting with the landscape and with the representations of it manifested in the Slavic gods.

I’d like to invite you to visit the site and if you are in the area, contact me. Things are hard at the moment with the lockdown but as this unwinds, I’d like to organize informal and formal trips into the Czech countryside….. in search of dragons and mysteries….

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  1. Thanks for all the comments! I’m glad people liked the photos – I have a whole library of them of that weekend and a couple of others with Sue and Stu to treasure and perhaps I will share a few more…. Meanwhile, I hope some of you do get an opportunity to visit and if you do, please do reach out to me!!! A mug of Pivo always works well…..


  2. I have always wanted to visit your area of Europe, but I think it unlikely I will be flying anywhere again. I always though airplanes were full of disease because of the the recirculating air. One sick person breathes out and the next person breathes it in. So I hope I will see your pictures and that will, I guess, have to do. Thank you for your insight. We try to do much the same thing here, though it’s a bit tricky since Native Americans didn’t build from stone and left the land pretty much as they found it. But you can find places and trails and if you know people, you can hear stories.


  3. Loved the pictures of Sue and Stuart – to be treasured. And there’s nothing I would like better than a trip into the Czech countryside, which I’ve made many times but not with this aim. Maybe a good mug of pivo?


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