Dog Woes

Last weekend, my daughter’s small dog happily off leash at the park, ran into someones backyard where it was viciously mauled by a much larger dog. My daughter witnessed the entire episode. For a while, it seemed as if we may lose Rocky our proud little ‘dogman’. He is a Prague Ratter breed and quite an intelligent dog. Of course, he and my daughter have grown up together and despite games that Im sure the dog doesn’t appreciate (dressing up etc.), they love each other dearly.

Despite everything, Rocky is surviving and hopefully on its way to recovery. Though what recovery will look like we are not quite sure. It had the skin more or less ripped away from its back and one front leg and paw virtually chewed off. Despite that, he managed to ‘escape’ the comfy little prison we have built him to sit on the bed behind me. He hates being alone.

His Royal Dogness in better days….

I think perhaps it taught my daughter something I have tried to explain. Life can change unexpectedly in an instant.

12 thoughts on “Dog Woes

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this! I hope your little Rocky is getting better daily. The dog that attacked him should be reported to the authorities, but they will probably conclude he was guarding his territory.


  2. Oh Gary, I was so sorry to read this. I hope the little guy makes a full recovery.
    My niece was attacked by her akita and her little jack russell X dived in to protect her and the baby, then only a few months old. She managed to whack the dog over the head with a pan and get it outside, called the vet, and he did the necessary. No question. Poor Rocky (yes, same name) was in a bad way but he pulled through and is still going. My great niece is 10 this year. Thoughts are with you, your daughter, and Rocky bless him.


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