Lucid Dreaming – With Sarah Janes…

Another edition of my podcast – The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey is now out. I talk with Sarah Janes about lucid dreaming and other dream-related topics…

Sarah Janes is an independent researcher with a particular interest in sleep and dream culture in the ancient world. I have written about dreams and other things for The Idler, The Bohemian, The Journal of Paranthropology and Ancient Origins. You can learn more about her and her activities at her website.

2 thoughts on “Lucid Dreaming – With Sarah Janes…

  1. Excellent. Dreams have always intrigued me because for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a dreamer. Some dreams are continual, some repeat and I learn new information about the ‘story’, and some dreams are just way out there.

    For example, two nights ago, I dreamt my son and I were standing on the harbour of a city and an enormous (five-storey high) crab and scorpion emerged from the water and started attacking the people in the city. I stood watching the creatures, amazed at their abilities and size, then we played along and dove for cover. I’m never afraid in dreams because I’m immortal in them. I learned that when I was a kid and a vampire stabbed me in the back. I calmly removed the dagger, suffering no injuries, and stabbed him in the heart and killed him.

    Some dreams, I firmly believe, provide glimpses of our former lives. Or perhaps they are glimpses into our DNA and an ancestor lived them, leaving me with only the visuals and emotions that go along with the experience.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast. Thank you.


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