The Demise of Common Sense

I had hoped that my approach towards retirement would be one in which I could spend some time in the US with my sons and in Europe for the remainder of the time perhaps eventually moving to live by the sea in somewhere like Greece. Being an EU citizen and a US citizen gave me those possibilities. I had imagined the world would get better and better with increased enlightenment and education.

The days, I wonder what my retirement will actually hold – if I ever can afford to retire that is. I now see a starker totalitarian future in which common sense and the ability to think are life threatening capabilities. I can’t understand how people are willing to willingly and thoughtlessly sacrifice freedom of thought and speech. I do not see how a humanity that is scared to be offended and needs safe spaces to survive will have any kind of future at all to be honest. A society that has reached a time when people barely have to work at all to live a good life courtesy of cheap fossil fuels now seemingly wanting to go back to an era in which travel was more or less impossible except for the elite and one in which periodically, cutting down trees may offer the only way to stay warm.

If you think I’m being over the top, then I beg you to look around. The world is upside down and anything that smacks of faith or religion – or family – under attack. The police in the UK now barge into churches and stop religious services…. The soccer leagues take a knee for a marxist, anti -family organization. Corporations like Coca Cola think that proving your identity in order to vote is somehow racist – the MLB which requires an ID in order to pick up tickets also thinks that showing an ID to vote is a bad thing… the hypocrisy reeks – its a bad smell everywhere.

I keep wondering is there a place I can go where sanity prevails or where I can live my life how I want without being ostracized, canceled or persecuted? If there is – someone let me know please?

Every time I see a person walking alone in the forest wearing a mask, I want to scream – “What kind of a fool are you?” and then I realize they probably know the mask is silly, may even know it is hurting their immune system unnecessarily, but common sense is so fascist these days….

And if I see another person boasting that they got vaccinated with an experimental, emergency use only, improperly tested gene therapy against a virus that is survivable by around 99.6% of humanity when it doesn’t actually stop you getting it or spreading it, I will scream. I suppose in the coming years, I will be ostracized and persecuted for not following suit. It is already being suggested by the state that those who chose not to do this extraordinarily stupid thing to themselves should be denied the right to travel, visit pubs and so on. How long before they round us up and lock us away? I give it less than 5 years to that point and you? Well you will cheer them on as they do it… that is my prediction.

Unless…. you say STOP. Now.

5 thoughts on “The Demise of Common Sense

  1. I begin to think that we must allow the crazies what they want so that they will learn the hard way that we have developed families, religions, communities, and so on to aid each other through life and that fossil fuels have made life bearable for billions of people…… who without access to cheap energy and the associated bewildering array of oil-based products, will probably die.


  2. This is a great blog piece. If you want to know how absolutely NUTS things have gotten, it seems that trees are now racist. A school that recently changed its name to honor a black woman thought that a pine tree would be a good symbol for the school…until someone complained that black people were hung from trees and therefore the tree symbol is racist.
    The problem is that only the rich and powerful seem to have a voice today – at least one that’s heard and allowed to be heard by the arm of the Democratic party called the media. We little people can only have our voices heard at the ballot box, and HR1 may remove that from us, too.


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