The End of Mainstream Media? I do Hope so.

I stopped going to CNN about 18-months or so ago. So biased. So fake. Not news but opinion delivered as if it is news. I quit watching the mainstream news a long time ago and the BBC? It’s blatant biases stopped me having anything whatsoever to do with it years ago. Bloomberg became intolerable when Mr. Bloomberg decided he would run for President and he more or less admitted his news company would be biased to support him. Reuters was my last source of mainstream news and as of today, it too I will no longer support – its news coverage went from news to opinion and fakery in just 18-months. Its blatant positioning is obvious to anyone in both what it believes to be news and in the descriptive words it uses.

The mainstream media has become part of the problem along with the big tech. companies who pretend to ‘fact check’ and have the arrogance to pretend to fact check experts on topics some lowly paid lackey doing the supposed fact checking can’t possibly be in a position to criticize – unless of course, it comes from a set of biased rules and guidelines ….

Recently, I watched a couple of excellent podcasts featuring Dr. Jordan Peterson. He makes the statement in many of those that he thinks mainstream media is dead, dying and irrelevant based on the emergence of podcasting. I agree with him. It is just a matter of time before mainstream media outlets with their bias, cost to distribute and their bloated celebrity salaries die a slow and painful death. Why?

Watch a podcast and see. Perhaps start with this one – a conversation between Russel Brand and Jordan Peterson – to get a feel for what Dr. Peterson is talking about. How you cannot hide in a podcast behind soundbites, how there is no control on where the conversation goes, how stupidity will be obvious after just a few minutes! How many politicians dare go on a 90 minute podcast? Not many! and why? They would look stupid thats why. The podcast is a cheap venue – anyone can do it – there are no bloated salaries for supposed celebrities to pay and there should be no editing or fiddling to present someone in the best light possible – you get what they really are.

I for one hope Dr. Peterson is right.

OK so maybe Youtube and the big tech companies try to censor content? Well, a new content platform pops up every five minutes ensuring that voices and opinions are heard.

2 thoughts on “The End of Mainstream Media? I do Hope so.

  1. Yes, I tend to find that right of center outlets do less opinion masquerading as news myself but I find myself tuning in to alternative youtube sources more these days… thanks for the visit!


  2. I hope so, too, Michael. The media has an even lower popularity rating than Congress, which is circling the drain. It’s nearly impossible to find any news source that is just news. We do subscribe to the Epoch Times, which many consider to be right-leaning, But the articles are NEWS, not opinion.


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