The Grab

The announcement of a new football league by a bunch of arrogant billionaires who are only concerned with money and admit they do not care about the game might be the event that brings home for more people what is going on today. While you are worrying about an over exaggerated virus, staying healthy, vaccinations, wondering if you still have a living and so on, the elite are stealing our world. It isn’t just football they are taking – it is everything. As the WEF said – you will have nothing and be happy.

Everyday I listen to the narratives on climate and COVID and it makes me very angry. There is no climate crisis. None. Yet the majority now believe there is. It doesn’t matter that this yarn has been spun multiple times that the Earth has had only 10 years left for the last 50-years or that of the 420ppm (parts per million!) of CO2 in the atmosphere the vast majority of it is natural and that a single volcano erupting tomorrow would add more CO2 that man does in a year or even a decade. It doesn’t matter that the sea level story is a crock that anyone with half a brain can determine or that there is no and never has been any correlation between CO2 and temperature or that the ‘greenhouse effect’ isn’t caused by CO2 – in a greenhouse it is caused by the glass barrier! I could go on but I lost 90% of you already… you believe this yarn and are happy to give up travel, cheap energy, your car, your holidays, your entire way of life for this fairy tale despite the fact that the elite will NOT do so. They buy more expensive beachfront properties and private jets instead.

I get it now. The entire narrative today is about taking away what we have. It is a smash and grab done by the elite with YOUR full support because they made you scared about spamdemics and climate nonsence. They give you little pats on the back for outing others who don’t agree but still steal your stuff anyway.

Wake up!

It’s football today. It’s all you have tomorrow.