Mental Note to Self – Stay Away from Twitter!

Warning – self critical narrative ahead….

I gave up all my twitter accounts a long time ago but when I started the podcast series, I was informed I needed a twitter account to promote it. So I started another. My initial position was go there, post my podcast, leave…..

The problem is, Twitter is such a cesspool of ridiculous woke and leftist agendas, narratives and misinformation that I always end up scanning the page…. and then as my blood pressure rises I start to get angry and want to interject with some commonsense, science and well, sometimes, insults. I simply cannot understand how people can believe some of the contradicting and ridiculous narratives out there! And yes, it pisses me off.

Now, I need to solve this as its only me that is being harmed by this anger at other’s stupidity. I must have will power and not read anything on that woke, left-wing platform led by some silly woke, leftist with the most ridiculous beard I ever saw….. see! I cannot help myself. Slap on the wrist Gary!

In all seriousness, I’m not sure why it angers me at all? I mean, why should I care if people don’t have the sense to reason or think critically? Why should I care if an entire generation is being raised that thinks they ought to be protected from everything they find upsetting, disagreeable or offensive? Why? I know why. Because I fear for the future of humanity! But then at my age, it isn’t going to bother me considerably anyway so why bother? Because I have kids and I raise them to THINK.

My biggest personal flaw is my quick temper.Trust me I know and I have been working on it for decades with little real effect. I’m a pussycat really and once I have blown my top, had my rant, I’m fine and just a pussycat again. Ask anyone, It’s true.

I just wish I could destroy my quick temper at its source. Understand what it is that affects me this way. It isn’t jealousy, hatred, envy, or any of those things so I think it must be fear. If anyone read my first book, Inner Journeys, I talk about fear having been the negative driver in my life. I thought to be honest that I had conquered my fear. Faced it and beaten it to a pulp. But now I have come to realize my fear has found a new home….. and it manifests as anger when I see what I believe to be stupidity.

Back to the drawing board then with a mental note to self – avoid Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Mental Note to Self – Stay Away from Twitter!

  1. Amen!

    Occasionally I leave twitter for weeks. And not once has the universe imploded. Ok, an alternate universe collapsed, but ours is fine. I’m starting to wonder why I even bother to go back once in a blue moon.


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