I’ll Make Some Predictions

Increasingly, I see a set of agendas and narratives being pushed ad nauseum by politicians, mainstream media and the big tech companies. Following these narratives to a logical conclusion scares me rigid. Those narratives are as follows;

  1. Trust the science – this is an insidious one for it runs counter to what science is and anyone who is a trained scientist must feel threatened as I do by this. As I have said many times, science is about raising hypotheses that fit the observable facts and then inviting your peers to dispute and critique that hypothesis. Often, you can build a predictive model of your hypothesis as well and test the predictions against observable fact. The whole idea is to incrementally improve the theory or replace it entirely with something superior. None of these theories is absolute. Think Newtonian physics overthrown by Einstein’s theories. So, what is again we are to trust? The latest politically acceptable scientific theory stated as an absolute, undeniable and settled fact while any expert who challenges it is muzzled, silenced and de-platformed?

2. The Climate Crisis – And here we have an extreme scientific hypothesis selected by a political body in the IPCC over all of the other and competing hypotheses supported by a bunch of models that have not predicted anything remotely real in years. Of course, in order to defend this hypothesis, number 1 above has been well and truly applied – question this and you are well, probably a racist. If you had told me how an extreme scientific hypothesis that has been disproven so many times as this one would become a major driver in humanity a few years ago, I would have told you you were smoking dope. All people need do is look around them to know that there is no crisis yet the constant beating of the drum in the media with false facts, altered observations to suit the fake models, goes on and on infinitely until even normally reasonable people appear to believe… The climate crisis is a cult religious thing like all other end of the world and doomsday projections that has no basis in fact – none. The science is there should you want to find it and should you be able to understand it. Climate changes… it is in fact normal and just one proof of a living planet.

3. COVID – The Kungflu pandemic has been exaggerated beyond any semblance of what it really is and people are so scared that they will willing inject themselves with untested experimental drugs – even demand it! I don’t doubt COVID is real and that it can kill. So is the flu. However, when we use a test that was never designed to be used as a test and we use that test in a way it should not be used unsurprisingly infection numbers are grossly inflated. Then we can say that many of these false positives are REALLY infected but ASYMPTOMATIC and will spread this virus. Then we can call every death in which COVID might have been involved in the last 90-days even if that death was plainly a motorcycle accident to grossly inflate the deaths. Then we can use 1 above to ensure that any sign of dispute by medical professionals is kept out of the mainstream media and that those experts are in effect silenced leaving just the Government sanctioned actors to promote the message at a level that people willing wear muzzles, stay away from loved ones and family and demand jabs. Again 1 above applies as it is like decades of face mask research was erased overnight one day in April 2020 by some politician and suddenly what was useless is now mandatory and saying it is useless marks you as a heretic. I could go on and on here… The vaccination program may well worsen what was a manageable virus with a very low real death rate and an identifiable at risk group. If the experts (the de-platformed ones) are right, vaccinated people may be highly susceptible to future variants and this may become a self fulfilling prophecy. I do hope not.

Over the last few years, I have written innummerable articles about the loss of expertise, issues with social media, corrupt politicians and the politicization of science. None of it did any good at at all. But now I will tell you what the three trends above mean. As a scientist and a curious interested individual that prefers to read the scientific journals over the media, I am alarmed by what I see and how people have accepted a reality based on these and other false narratives… here are the consequences that I foresee – I do hope I am wrong but…….

You will give up the life you have known with cheap energy, plentiful and varied food, a growing amount of spending power and increasing longevity and quality of life. You will give this up voluntarily. In fact, some of you will protest, even violently, for this to be taken away from you.

You will do this because you believe that COVID is a horrid humanity killer and that a climate crisis means there are only 10 more years to quit driving, flying, enjoy cheap heating and modern conveniences, meat and much more. You will be socially distanced, silenced by your mask and fear of a virus and so the chance to meet, discuss and protest the loss of your freedom of speech and movement will mean that you lose this too – without a murmur or a whimper.

Many of you will feel superior about your vaccination status and through fear, will demand non-vaccinated people are identified and monitored. Eventually, you will be driven into supporting imprisonment of these heretics and maybe even their elimination.

I can also say that the woke left movement with their race obsessions, hatred of tradition, family, religion and structure and a propensity to be insulted by anything will mean that you lose humor as well as the institutions – both social and otherwise – that kept everything meaningful and together.

You will willingly give up meaning and your souls and you will do it because essentially – those three lies above are now your reality.

Oh and the real world – the one our ancestors lived in and respected? It doesn’t care what you identify as or what insults you, when its time to kill you off, it will do so anyway. And, China – it knows that competition, striving for excellence and traditional values (mostly about state being communist) do count and the weaker the west gets, the more it benefits.

Me? I’m done with warning people. I am almost at that point in life where I no longer care and I can go relatively off grid and ignore it all. I do worry about my kids though….

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