Yesterday, I watched the game at Lincoln and almost have no fingernails left at all but a 2-1 victory in the end means Hull City are back in the Championship after just one year in League 1. I hope they can build from there next season and I still hope that they can win the title in the next two games…

I used to go to Boothferry Park when I was a young lad. Back then, Butler, Chiltern, Waggie and so on were my heroes. In my teens, I didn’t attend so regularly but I followed each week on Saturday afternoons and went when I could afford it. Even when at college, I would attend games if I was home or even go to local away games like one at Walsall I remember. When In Houston, I followed as best I could but plainly, there was no ability to watch games though on rare occasions I would go if home with my brother.

B the time I was back in Europe in the Czech Republic, things were heating up. I had to listen in on radio to the play off final at Wembley and my Czech neighbors must have wondered what was going on when Windass scored the winner and Hull City were promoted to the Premier league for the first time. When in the Premier League, I was spoiled with being able to watch the games on local TV! And I did, every week. The FA Cup final saw me drink half a bottle of whiskey in one half…. and OT. A very sore head I had too.

In recent years, it has become much easier to follow from a distance. I have been paying to watch their games on the internet for a few years now and this year, ifollow provided that option again, I only missed one or two games this year and in the iFollow model, my attendance counts!

Yesterday, was brilliant and a good relief from a lot of the BS going on in the world….

The Championship beckons…. but first, I want them to win the title too.

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  1. Well, thank goodness for the internet. You would have missed a lot. We follow lacrosse, and a lot of the really good games are not on Tv, so we invested in Roku so we can watch on the ESPN channel. It has a LOT of European soccer, rugby etc.


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