Love is Acceptance

And though she once

Did grace this land

She long ago moved on

Was she then a treasured memory

Of another life? or a wishful dream?

As I look into her eyes, I fall away

Traveling swiftly without motion

Drifting in an in-between other place

Feeling my way through

Back to you

She whispered her name one day

Atop a mountain of my mind

And graced me with a smile

“Love is acceptance,” she said

To the one who could not accept himself

We danced around burning emotions

And climbed the smokey traits

Together in the other place

Surrounded by standing stones

Under an immoveable Sun

She whispered again

“Behold your shadow”

And we three hugged and cried

All the way back down to Earth

As one now reconciled.

‘Asteroth’ by Sue Vincent