What is Going On?

For a couple of years now, I have stopped watching or reading any mainstream media (MSM). I find that news is the last thing they propagate. They no longer publish properly checked and factual content but are now the primary propagators of the agenda published as opinion pretending to be be news. Fake news. Their agenda is clear – more government, divide to conquer, misinformation and globalism.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, my attention was drawn to images published by mainstream media showing women in the street dying from lack of Oxygen. The images were purportedly from India and to represent chaos and death from COVID. The only problem is that the images were actually of a gas leak a while ago (LG Gas leak -2020.) These images were used by the New York Post among others to promote the fear of COVID (though why is beyond me, the situation in India is dire enough). Then a UK breakfast show used a photo shopped image to highlight what it said was deadly pollution caused by CO2 gas….. they were caught because the photo’s which were supposed to be shot 10-years apart, showed the same people, wearing the same clothing, in the same pose in the same place in the corner of the photo. Of course, anyone who has any idea of what CO2 is would also know that it is a colorless, odorless gas that is the source of life on the planet certainly not a gas that forms smog.

The media lies and its lies are getting more brazen each and every day. That is the sad fact of life now. If you want news – don’t look for it on the BBC or in the daily paper…..

4 thoughts on “What is Going On?

  1. Something I learned and realized: The media and Hollywood work hard to demoralize people through constant articles, shows, and movies with high sensuality and sexual content. Then, they propagandize lies as truths. This is done with a purpose, for by demoralizing people in this fashion, they control their hearts. Remove people from their consciences and they will not stand for goodness and decency. Remove people from what they know is right inside their hearts, and you control their minds. They think they’re being individuals, but their headed for slavery.


  2. I couldn’t agree more. What has happened to journalism? You have to do internet searches to determine the truth! And the stupidity. John Kerry, one of the US’s senior statesmen, declared the other day that he is going to eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere. Really? And just how will plants make O2 for us to breathe?


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