The Woke Agenda

It was just a few short years

But humanity was decieved

It came to believe that

Up was down and down up

Science proven, no second look

The deception removed family ties

And told a bunch of lies

About God

I could not believe how quickly

Everything was turned around

How the good were made bad

And the bad called good

Spirituality abandoned

Along with the means to live

All gone- even these words

Now deemed unwanted

Not in tune with agenda

It was all so quick, so fast

Lessons of history rewritten

Heroes cancelled

Criminals replaced them

The age of Aquarius

Came in with deception

No choice of perception

Shackled with the masses

Uniformity of outcome

Destroyed our drive to live

And death stalked the land

Physical or spiritual

What difference did it make?

We were dead

Or dying

No truth in lying

No point to trying

Happy to live

With nothing

Like they said.