I do not understand

I awoke this morning with the thought that I live in a different universe to many others. I struggle to understand how anyone can believe the climate mantra when the evidence is all around them that there is no crisis and when a little basic research would show that CO2 is not a pollutant but a life giving gas and that more of the stuff would be better for this planet. I don’t understand how people have willingly not only tossed aside freedoms over COVID, which again, once you start digging into, is an endless can of worms of untruths and truth distortions easily seen through with the most basic of research. There is so much I no longer understand about humanity to be honest. Secretly, I’d like to find a place where I could be free of the vast majority of you….. blunt but true.

I don’t understand a world where violence and destruction of property by one group is lauded and criminal behavior goes unpunished. I don’t understand a world where on the one hand ID is needed to get a beer but not to vote. I don’t understand a world where kids suddenly are given more credibility than experts and where adults are willing to stop their puberty with drugs just in case they are confused by those pushing them to think they are a different gender. Not only do I not understand that world – I reject it it as fundamentally evil. That it goes hand in hand with attacks on family, religion and spirituality is no surprise then is it?

I avoid the news – mainstream variety. I increasingly avoid social media where the FB and twitter Nazi’s busy body their way through complex subjects telling people they are black and white stamping things with their seal of (un)truth. I’m frankly appalled by the gutless and spineless politicians who stand by and let this happen. The world is headed to disaster and servitude. You will have nothing and be happy reporting your friends and neighbors for having different opinions, persecuting the unvaccinated, and enjoying the antics of your new celebrity deities.

The state spent a fortune educating me and teaching me how to think critically. Now it wants people like me to go away and eventually will engineer ways to have me and people like me rounded up, imprisoned and silenced.

It’s a dim view but tell me I’m wrong.

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  1. No, you’re not wrong and I’m with you on the wish to withdraw. This world is a mess and heading for disasters of epic proportions. I never thought I would be pleased to be so old and near to departing, but it’s the only escape I can see… (and that’s the saddest part)

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