According to the self-reporting systems in the US and EU, thousands of people may have died as a result of ‘vaccination’ – particularly with the all new technology (untried and untested too I may add) mRNA gene therapy ‘vaccines’. Hundreds of thousands more have reported terrible side effects. But the official response to this is that anyone can write such a report on these databases and there really is little risk from these untested, experimental ‘vaccines’.

Well, that’s one way to look at it.

The other way is to understand that less than 10% of all instances are voluntarily reported to these databases, which are essentially there so as the ‘experts’ can gain a picture of safety issues with the ‘vaccines.’ In the past, ‘vaccines’ were pulled after just a few reported deaths to these databases – not thousands upon thousands.

By far, the most reports have been associated with the mRNA ‘vaccines’ yet it is the other vaccines that are being pulled – Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson. The pause in the J&J vaccine is based on just a few reported clotting incidents yet the mRNA vaccines’ are associated with significantly higher clotting incidents.

Why are we being pushed into the mRNA ‘vaccines’?

Mainstream media etc. reassure us that this is conspiracy theory, a few antivaxx nutjobs and everything is simply fine so go get your shot – in New York they even offer free fish and chips with it.

I have had every vaccination required of me. I get the flu shot each year voluntarily. I am not antivaxx nor a nutjob. I am a concerned person and scientist wondering what the hell is going on!? Trust me, every day this continues, I wonder whether the conspiracy theories are in fact right after all. The louder the authorities are, the more rigged fact checking we are told about, the more bought and paid for experts like Fauci (the man who writes one thing in his peer-reviewed papers and says the opposite as a politician) they roll out, the more I am convinced something not good is happening whether by design or just downright stupidity. The more everyday physicians and health care professionals come out risking their livelihoods to tell us – something is wrong, the more I wonder. They and their views are suppressed without any consideration – why?

And now we hear claims that 60% of all new COVID cases are occurring in double ‘vaccinated’ people and the majority of new deaths are doubly vaccinated people. So do they push us to ‘vaccinate’ against a virus with a possibly dangerous substance with unknown longterm consequences only for us to possibly get it and die from the very thing it is supposed to afford protection from? How would we know? All of this information is censored and ‘fact checked’ – ie sanitized.

When will the authorities return to being scientific, operating with an abundance of caution and with the facts? When will they admit that something just isn’t right and that COVID can be treated in over 85% of cases successfully with cheap drugs and supplements?


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  1. The lack of any long-term history is bothering me greatly. The stats are difficult to obtain and vary according to source – this is also part of my inherent suspicion that something is off. In previous vaccinations, any deaths have resulted in serious inquiry and pulling the vaccine immediately… here, deaths after vaccination are rarely investigated and basically just pooh pooed as they would have died anyway. Case in point, a number of small children have died in the trials and they just said they would have died anyway….. In Mongolia, there was no death from COVID until they started vaccinating and then the death rate shot up exponentially with vaccination….. I agree, there may be nothing to it but to just casually suggest it is nothing to worry about? That is worrying. On the stats for new COVID infections – I modified that statement in case it is incorrect as it distracted from the point I am trying to make…. which is I do not like how information is being tightly controlled….. it is highly suspicious.Great to see you here! Thanks for the comments too


  2. While I accept your premise for non-vaccination, I do quibble a bit with your stats, at least as it pertains to the US. 7,157 fully vaccinated Americans have contracted COVID-19, 88 have died is what I found. That’s 0.1% of the 7 million who have been vaccinated got Covid and a 1.2% death rate of those. No vaccine is 100% effective, and now there are variants out there. The number of Covid cases as of this week was around 660 cases over a 7 days period. Some of the vaccines do create some serious sequelae but I’m not sure if that has been quantified. Most of the side effects are benign.


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