Ending Oil and Gas Investment?

Activists now occupy most US and global organizations. Obama started placing activists in important places and Biden is carrying on that trend and as US Government is slowly and imperceptibly moved from those who were actually elected to govern to those who have been appointed to govern (Just like in the EU by the way), the coup is almost complete. Ending oil and gas investment, defunding the police and all those other agendas are being carried out by these unelected officials who were appointed by Obama or Biden. The most recent about turn is the call by the IEA to end oil and gas investment. Let’s explore that a bit shall we?

On the surface, to anyone who has been taken up in the belief that there is a climate crisis and that manmade CO2 has to be eliminated (there isn’t and it doesn’t), ending new development of oil and gas will be seen as a super good thing.

It isn’t. It is in fact the height of stupidity.

Let’s say this is agreed to. We suddenly have a finite reserve of supply that will last only until date certain in the future. The first thing will happen is oil will be priced higher and higher. $200, $300 or more per barrel.

Good, I hear those people worried by the settled science (it isn’t and can’t ever be).

What everyone forgets is that oil isn’t just used as a source of energy. It underpins EVERYTHING. So as the prices go up, this will ripple through economies. Everything will go up but specifically, try this list initially,

  • Plastics – meaning furniture, housing, clothing, vehicles, household goods (pots, plates, dishes etc.)
  • Pharmaceuticals – meaning drugs of all kinds
  • Energy – OK you think electric power generated by renewables is going to be there and cheap but for years much transportation will remain gasoline or diesel fueled as it is phased out, but since the cost of plastics and so on have also gone up, so will the cost of solar panels, windmill blades, etc.

In short, everything will suddenly and abruptly rise in price. Not by a little. But by a lot.

Once people realize this…. especially when combined with your loss of overseas vacations, personal transportation ease and much much more, the shit will well and truly hit the fan (electric no doubt)…..

This is perhaps the craziest idea to arise from this crazy thinking that increasingly dominates the world of power (political not energy). We are on many fronts, already operating in a make believe world that simply doesn’t and will not exist. These are the same people that believe just by ‘identifying’ as something, you are. They live in a fantasy world that doesn’t exist. Usually that would be sad but in this case it is actually dangerous and sad.

The end result of this will certainly be death one way or another ….. on a large scale. Can you imagine what happens when China and the US need the majority of the remaining reserves??? I can.