Miculčice and Earth Energies


Earth Magic Brno

After visiting the magical forest around Pohansko – complete with Ents! we went on to another Slavic settlement site close by. In the 9th century, the early mediaeval hillfort Valy near Mikulčice, was one of the most important Great Moravian centers in the region. Unfortunately, it is not known what the settlement’s name was or what role it played in the administration of the Moravian empire, either economically or ecclesiastically. The settlement was originally located on several islands lying between meanders of the Morava river and the most important settlement area was located on elevated sand dunes (close to the Moravian desert of the time). The total populated area was 30-60 hectares and a population of 1000-2000 has been estimated.

That this was an important settlement is indicated by the presence of a large palace type building and 12 churches including a larger cathedral-type structure. Graves have been found of…

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