Chasing Dragons in Moravia

Chasing Dragon’s in Moravia is Book 2 in The Magic of Connecting the Land series following on from Chasing the Shaman. Book 3 – Chasing the Goddess – will be out this summer.

As I assumed Perun’s form, I often had images of being in a heavy forest and yet under the sky along with a strong sense of being at home there and wanting to be out in nature. I also saw Eagles soaring or sometimes, Eagle’s wings. I was often filled with energy. I gathered this natural fiery energy and released it again as lightning. Lightning is often called ‘Perun’s arrow’ and the places where it strikes are thought to be where evil spirits hide. Trees struck by lightning are treated with respect and the wood of such trees is used to make the magical implements by people in the Carpathian mountains.

I also learned that the best way to conduct my meditations and god form assumptions was in nature itself. I would go for a walk and as I walked imaginatively become one or the other of the two gods. Then, as I walked, the forest would take on an entire new sense of being. I can only use the word magic to describe this. Everything became more alive, more colorful, filled with energies and creatures would interact with me in ways I had never before experienced.

Once, I felt as if I was riding chariot and doing just what was needed to maintain order. There was no feeling of love in this at all. It was simply my duty to restore order out of chaos – whatever that took. No sentimentality at all. Again, I had this overwhelming feeling that justice in the eyes of the Slavs was not based on sentimentality or misplaced emotions – it was a bloody and swift justice. Very unlike the sentimentality of modern new ageism, which I now think of critically as an undesirable trend as a result of these activities. Order is maintained through strength by Perun not via sentimentality. He applies the law, and the law is blind to circumstance or happenstance. In that sense, there is an aspect of Geburah about him I feel. He is, after all, the god of order, justice and law.

Chasing Dragons in Moravia: The Magic of Connecting with the Land Book 2

The Slavic pantheon is a mysterious and complex set of deities but the eternal battle between Perun, god of thunder and Veles, god of the underworld is intriguing. As Vasey invokes one and then the other of this duality, things happen. Magic happens and what seem like unrelated visits and happenings suddenly take their place in what turns out to be a shamanic process of connecting with the energies of the gods and the Slavic lands.

Dragons, the Slavic Gods Perun and Veles, Gateways to Hell (Houska Castle), Stone Circles (Kraluv Stul), Earth energies, Butterflies and Birds……… it’s all in this true and magical tale.

Chasing Dragons in Moravia: The Magic of Connecting with the Land Book 2

Reviewed by Alan Richardson Vasey’s new book continues to bring insights and his personal experience of a whole field of esotericism that is both ancient to the larger world, but completely new to me. I had never heard of Perun and Veles before, yet I was enthralled by his invocations of both, and his honest responses when – as often happens in this kind of Work – nothing seems to happen. When in fact, as time reveals, everything was always happening.

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