What I would Like to Say to Kimberley B. Jeffries

I saw a new review for my best selling BEK book this evening. Purportedly written by one Kimberley B. Jeffries – if that is the real name.

No I don’t mind people writing bad reviews – people like different things. I do though object to people writing reviews that are incorrect from start to finish.

The Review.

She starts out by saying she is enjoying the book – all fine. I am happy about that. Then she accuses me of copying wikipedia and reddit stores! Based on what might I ask? The stories I have included are in a lighter typeface….??? What? This is why you think I ‘plagiarized’ stories. Because I put the stories in ITALICS that print lighter! Huh? I did that – as I do in all of my books – to highlight that it is a STORY sent to me and edited by me but not written by me. Strangely enough, each also has the NAME of the person who sent it me… It quite clearly says ‘submitted by xxxxx’. I note the placement of the fingers in the photograph covers this fact up….

When I have used someone else’s content – whether a story or a passing reference, I have included also always INCLUDED a footnote to the source and I DID NOT reproduce the story – I just mention it …. I do that to avoid any suggestion that I copied and because, I am a trained scientist used to writing peer reviewed papers that need references and citations to support my argument.

I reference also the way the BEK stories came to me as well don’t I – right at the beginning of the book and again several times throughout! They came from people who sent them TO ME! None are copied from elsewhere but some do appear on MY website – myhauntedlifetoo.com. Nowhere, nowhere is any story finished with a ‘could be read here’ – that is a downright lie!

These days, authors have no comeback on Amazon. If someone leaves a garbage review like this, there is not a thing we can do to clear our name as authors. So I am doing it here instead. If she said she hated the book, found it poorly written and so on – fine but to insinuate plagiarism based on layout!!! Huh?

Ms. Kimberely B. Jeffries – if that is your real name – your review and photo are nonsense and they demonstrate that YOU HAVE NOT READ THE DAMN BOOK.

I await an apology for this scurrilous pseudo review.