I’m a Nice Guy…. Really!!

I must come across on this blog as a grumpy old git. Although, I usually want to stick to the esoteric and spiritual, this blog is also a bit of a safety valve for me as I watch the idiocy that is often the modern world. I really am a pussy cat folks….. I am generous, self-sufficient, responsible and I work hard. I have many and varied interests and my family comes first. No – nowhere near perfect but I’m not the moaning opinionated old git I can sometimes sound like!

The problem is that I am also someone who won’t just quietly sit back and watch the world make mistakes. When I see something that I know is wrong – I say so. I am honest to a fault and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Case in point.

I just got an email to my professional email account. It was essentially spam and against GDPR. Now, getting spammed is one thing but …. and this was the bit that got me … the spammer wants me to set up a meeting in HER calendar!


Is it just me that chokes on my coffee making a mess all over my desk when I read that? The pure cheek!

I added her to the list of blocked spammers. Usually, that would be the end of it but really? She can’t be bothered to set up the appointment she wants?

OK – I know this is the modern way. Perhaps I am showing my advancing years here but I find this obnoxious. You want a meeting with me – you set it up! Not me.

Do you agree?