Please Explain?

In the western world (North America and UK mainly – although the illness pervades many other countries too), there are those who insist that we all get jabbed – yes, even the kids who pose no threat to anyone. This isn’t a polite insistence in some quarters. No, it’s one delivered with threats. Those threats are of removing rights and even of violence, jail and so forth. I predicted this remember?

Now, I keep trying to get my head around it – possibly I am simply wasting my time as there is no logic behind it.

For me, if you got jabbed then why would you worry about others who chose not to? It’s not out of concern or love for your fellow human as – well, see above – it comes with threats to my health, wellbeing and safety. If the ‘vaccine’ is what you plainly believe it to be then you are protected right? How can I be a threat to you?

Or could it be that getting jabbed isn’t really about COVID at all? It’s virtue signaling and a way to see who is different? Because if you are jabbed, then you are either safe or you made a mistake? And, if you made a mistake, why ask me to repeat it by jabbing too?

Maybe you worry about herd immunity? Well, they told us that around 70% would get that and when you add those who probably will jab and those who have had it, her immunity isn’t in doubt. So, nope – it isn’t that.

It is actually a sickness that pervades humanity right now. Officious righteous believers indignantly wanting to persecute those who don’t follow the agenda. It reminds me of a zombie movie – join us and be damned or be damned anyway! One in which we must all do as we are told in dictatorial fashion and if we do not, the powers that be will whip up a frenzy against us. The powers that be will cause their people – the gullible who do as they are told – that those that do not are a danger to them and to society as a whole. Next, we will be marked out and we all know what follows don’t we – we were there many times in human history…

The fact is, if you got jabbed, you are either protected or doomed – we will find out through time. I am no threat to you save so stand out as someone who has a MIND OF THEIR OWN. A very dangerous thing in a totalitarian society……

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