Selling Your Soul?

How many times do we see celebrities come out and say things that are illogical for a rich privileged person? How often do we see them behaving in ways that perhaps we wish they wouldn’t because they are sending a bad example to our young?

What if many celebrities sold their soul for fame and money and this then is how they repay their soul’s keeper – and what if the price of their fame and fortune truly is eternal damnation?

I explored that concept a little in my novella The Lord of the Elements. It was the prequel to The Last Observer yet I took the tack that selling one’s soul was something people did…… I set it in a magical context and then let my imagination run riot…

A great read for anyone who enjoys occult fiction. A splendid follow up to the Last Observer which I can highly recommend. Can’t wait for the next one. Amazon Review.

Black Magic, Demonic Possession, Astral Travel and Bilocation, Ouija Boards, Good Versus Evil…. this story has it all….

Edward Bright searches for a lost Grimoire written by a magician who purportedly found the elixir of eternal life – The Grimoire El Natlez. Meanwhile, William meets the enigmatic and hypnotic, Ralph Meister, who promises him a life of wealth, women, and fame, in return for his soul. Behind all of these events is a sinister and powerful demon – the Lord of the Elements.

Lord of the Elements is the prequel to The Last Observer and book 2 in the series which finds both Edward and William in a magical battle for their very souls.

A short, but twisty, story that holds nothing back. Full of magic and occult. This book is a real ride through the battle between good and evil and the process of discovery of the ultimate truth.

Will William find a way to avoid losing his soul? Will Edward find his Grimoire?

Grab your copy of Lord of the Elements and find out.

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