I Keep Expecting People to Wake up

With each loss of our freedoms, I expect people to wake up and get angry yet it doesn’t happen. It is disturbing how so many people will call for things that were simply unimaginable a few years ago. Until people respond and wake up, this is just going to continue until you have nothing and are happy. That is the end game. Actually, I think I could be happy having nothing but for different reasons.

Our ability to travel has now been removed. Once we had open borders now we need to have a vaccine passport or negative test. To go to the UK, you need to voluntarily pay to be imprisoned for two weeks and if you leave that country without permission, you face a huge fine. 1984? It is unbelievable to me that people have allowed this – even support it!

That’s nothing though. The climate crisis scam is next and then they get to take your cars away meaning not only is international travel a thing of the past but so too is domestic travel – unless you are a good little citizen and then your COVID passport will be updated to allow you to go places by public transport – its your reward for good behavoir.

And that passport will be used to grant you the right to breathe in the end I suspect. We all breathe out 40,000 to 60,000 ppm CO2 with each breath. Who do you really think a no carbon future is aimed at? Cows?

And just wait for the rest of this year. The lockdowns not only killed a lot of people but it cost a lot too. Just wait as we see hyper inflation set in and all your savings will just dwindle away to not much. Oh, and you will pay the banks to keep your money too – already a thing in the progressive Netherlands it seems.

Unless people stand up and object, the future will resemble animal farm and not the nirvana people aspire to.

Wake up!