Chasing the Goddess

I have finished the first draft and I suspect it will soon be out in kindle and paperback formats – the latter with photographs. This is the final part in my Connecting with the magic of the land series and it outlines my attempts at invoking Morana and Vesna, the Slavic goddesses of winter and spring. It has been an interesting journey and something of a rebirth and initiation into a whole new set of mysteries around Slavs, Templars, Earth energies, dowsing and divination and much, much more.

The first book in the series was Chasing the Shaman and I was very pleased at how well this book sold. The second, Chasing Dragons in Moravia, didn’t do as well more is the pity as that is where things started to get pretty interesting invoking Perun and Veles, Slavic gods of the sky and the underworld. I think I will do a free Kindle period on Chasing Dragons as it deserves a few more sets of eyes in my opinion.

It really has been magical doing this work and I am now left with so much to do…. dowsing and exploring earth energies in Moravia and trying to understand what the Slavs and Templars knew about these lines and vortices….

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